Discussion on A JavaScript Notification Service

Discussion on A JavaScript Notification Service

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Hello there. Any option to change notifications position? Like center, or left-top, or so on.

Hello! Yes, you can put them in any corner (top-left, bottom-right, etc.) as well as top-center and bottom-center.

Hi, I was able to install the alerts on my platform. but i noticed it gets covered if there is a popup open. Is there a way to make it always on top?

Hello, thank you for using the notification service. This is probably because the “z-index” CSS property of the popup is higher than the one from the notifications. In the CSS file, please try to increase the z-index of the element #aco-notification-list in line 25. It is set to 1100 by default.

Perfect, I set z-index: 11100 and work now! Thank you! Another question, currently I can’t get the title displayed on the notice but only the sub-title, can I set fixed titles for each type of notice? For example, for successful warnings, release the title “Successfully” + sub-title….

Great! :) Did you set the title as the second argument in the notify() function? For example like this: notify(‘error’, ‘User not found’, ‘The user could not be found.’); Then, ‘User not found’ should show as the title. You cannot set a fixed title for each notification type, you always have to pass the title in the notify() function.

Greetings, thank you for the product. is there a way to add an href to the notification so it forwards to a url when clicked?

Hello Wafficious, thank you for your kind review. At the moment the Notification Service does not support such a feature. I will keep that in mind for a future version :)

I’m not sure but when im using this javascript toast, its making my app heavy somehow like slowmo compared to using my original toast.

Do you have some idea why this is happening?

Hi brio2025, thank you for purchasing the notification service. First time I hear that the plugin would slow down an app. Difficult to say without more information. Maybe it conflicts with another JS plugin? Loading time should not be an issue since the plugin just has a few kb.

Hi! Thank you for this great script!

One question. I am using it for my multi language app but I do not know how to make the strings translate.

Your notification format is as following:

notify(‘error’, ‘TITLE’, ‘MESSAGE.’);

I want to be able to translate the TITLE and MESSAGE and show the user the language he has the app set on.

I will show you how my app translates a string below:

addon_err = t(“You must select at least one addon for”) + ” ” + r_subcat_name;

Its with the “t” before the string.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you for your help klaus! I really appreciate it. There is one issue I dfiscovered with showing the notifications on iphone X and above. The Notification is on top left side hidden. I can only see a little part of it and the x for closing the nofification. While in android and previous androids it is showing perfectly as it is supposed to show. Top Center. Do I have to add some code to CSS file to show it properly?

Hi VCTIV, thank you for you kind review :) Hm..this could be a bug in my css file. I have to investigate and will come back to you once I know more.

Its not a bug, after building the app, they worked perfectly. It was a bug in Monaca IDE showing the output like that.

Dear i am trying to use notify in my app .I have toast msgs like showToast(data.title+”\n”data.message); is it possible to replace toast msg like this way? notify(data.title”\n”+data.message). Thanks

Hi kostasnik. The notify function can be used like this: notify(type, title, message); As an example, you could replace your toast message like this: notify(“info”, data.title, data.message); Feel free to replace “info” with any of the other type options: “error”, “warning”, “success”.

You are great mate!!! another question i would like to change the svg icons for notifications i tried to css but i cant find can you assist?

Happy to help :) Unfortunately, there is no such option to change the icons. However, as a workaround, you could edit the JavaScript file. In line 122-130 I set the SVG element based on the notification type. There, you can replace with your SVG elements, but please make sure to add the class=”aco-svg” to the SVG element.

Hi just purchased. I want to use this from within an Ajax success function is this possible?


Hello Alan, thank you for your purchase. Yes, you can call the global “notify” function in your ajax success function.

HI, i need to made about 15 notifications of sales automatically in a bootstrap landing page. Please could you send me a better html code for this purpose? Thanks :)

hi franz82. Thank you for the purchase of this item :) I am not entirely sure what html code you need from me. Can you give me some more information on when you want to show these notifications (When the user clicks on a button? After the page loaded? After some javascript functions are done?).


Last night I bought your JavaScript Notification Service. It really looks cool but I have troubles to fire notification or this don’t work at all. Documentation is useless.

1. CSS and JS file included of course. 2. Call “notify(‘error’,’String is empty’,’The string you entered is empty.’);” from JavaScript function and nothing happen. Whatever I do, can’t get notification.

Super. No problem, take your time. Waiting for update.

Thanks for update. It work super now! Review on its way.

That is awesome! Thanks for the review :)

Hello, there is no success notification ?

Great news, i will wait for it :)

hi clemstrulu, I just wanted to let you know that success notifications are now included in the plugin :)

oh i just saw your last message … 3 month later :s Let’s buy it !!!! Thank for the answer ;)

Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)

After have bought and set in prod this beautiful plugin (because I have to admit it, I fell in love with the design); I have some requests for further updates (if it’s possible):

- I think that it miss the position of the notification in the parameters (in our case, notif appears only in the left corner)

- In addition, I am actually using the notif Info for success, it miss a real one :)

Very good work by the way ;)

thank you so much Twistan! :) I am always happy and open to new ideas and I am sure you will find these changes in the next update ;)

3 different notification with 3 different sounds would be the best. Nice work. good luck with the sales :)

thanks for the hint fzpolok! have not thought about sounds yet :)

Well done. Nice script.

Thank you :)

Hi can you vary the size of the notification message and could a php application echo out code that displays the notification?.. Thanks and Best of Luck with this.

hi repairman1999, thanks for your interest! :) the width is set to 330px and to 100% on smaller screens by default, but you can change this in the CSS file. The height is set to auto since it depends on the length of the message. And for the php application: the notification service gets available on the window.onload function. You could echo a script-Tag that contains a listener to the window load event and call the notify() function from there. So, something like this: window.addEventListener(‘load’, function(){ notify( ... ); }); and include your php variables in the notify function: notify(‘error’,’”.$title.”’,’”.$message.”’);

I hope this answers your questions :)

really good work i wish you best success for sales :) ;)

Great work! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales!

Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

thank you :)


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