A Fancy Wordpress Author List

A Fancy Wordpress Author List

Showcase your Blog authors with new look to attract the visitors.

As the name suggests The Fancy WordPress Author List plugin displays list of authors on your website using the widget area section.

This plugin has a very simple user interface for any user to display the authors in the sidebar. Simply drag the author widget into the sidebar and The Fancy WordPress Author List plugin will display the authors in the sidebar.

What you can do with this plugin

  • Display the list of authors.
  • To view an author profile and view all article written by an author, just click on author link.
  • You can filter authors based on the number, of articles.
  • The author who has published the maximum number of articles will be on top of the list. This intern turns out to be a healthy competition among the authors to be on top of the list.
  • The plugin shows the number of post count if the mouse cursor is hovered on the author link.
  • You can limit the number of authors.
  • Responsive design and compatibility with all browsers.
  • Exclude authors by username if you wish to hide the author from the list.
  • Add social media icons below the author profiles.
  • Different type of effect is available on mouse hover like Rotate, Bounce, Shake. Make your author list fancy and attractive.

Shortcodes Add on a page

Add this shortcode on the page:

[author_plugin animation=”flipInX” author_size=”180” author_numbers=”100” author_image_effect=”square” author_hide_name=”No” author_social_link=”Yes” author_competition=”No” exclude_author=”” authorrole=”subscriber”]


animation: rotateIn,bounce,flash,swing,flip,flipInX,flipInY,fadeIn,noeffect,shake author_size:60,200author_numbers=Limit the number of authors. author_hide_name= Yes,No author_social_link=Yes,No author_competition=”Yes,No” exclude_author=”name of the person with comma”

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Version history, updates & fixes

Added Animation Added Social media accounts Added Page shortcode