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No, my theme is not using the grid system. But I have many websites and it would be nice learning how to install the grid system myself. Can you post a video on the steps to install the grid system on any theme? Thank you.

1. Create a link in your header section: <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen” href=”....960.css”/> 2. Create a container and set the grid for your section. Follow this demo source.

I would be psyched if you had one of these for Foundation 3 ;)

And it should be in the waiting list :)

Just wanted to check back and tell everyone how amazing this plugin is seriously! It took awhile to learn the idea and how to implement it, but once I did…amazing! For me, it allows me to use a single column page in any Wordpress theme and cut up my own columns and sections like the pros! And what’s more, its easy! So I give this author four (4) thumbs up! Great plugin!

Hi Staccs8, thanks for purchasing. And yes, if you know how 960gs works, then this plugin should be easy for everyone.

Best, zourbuth

any chance of a simple (for dummies) tutorial on how to use??

A videotut og a link ore something????

1. Create a link in your header section: <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen” href=”....960.css”/> 2. Create a container and set the grid for your section. Follow this demo source.

.... I’ll need some more ….. sorry :-)


Does your theme use the 960 Grid System?

Just started using Thesis 2.0 theme developer and not sure that it supports 960 Grid System. Is there a way to verify if it does or not? What is required to make it so?

Here is detailde explanation:

Download the css here and look at the HTML source. You can see how to add the css and custom javascript. Hope this help.

Thanks for a quick reply.

Another Question: I purchased the WordPress plugin version. Can the files also be used on Drupal 7? Or will I need to purchase the Drupal version separate?

For WordPress version, it is just only give them shortcode. But if you want to add the 960gs into other CMS you should attach the 960gs CSS files to the header first, and then you can add the HTML tag to your content.

I’m not savvy when it comes to coding, my apologies in advance if my question is silly.

1) Is it possible to alter margins and gutter? I have a need for fine tuning in which case content might be 6px below an image, or title, or other element.

2) I get how the grid system allows fabulously tight control horizontally. What about vertically? Below is a link to a mock-up image that demonstrates a need for flexibility vertically -

Does the grid allow for the flexibility shown in the mock-up? That’d be super super amazing if it does or if there’s a simple way to code to make it happen, that would be phenomenal.

Thx big time, Mary C.

Hi MCava, 1) Yes, you can do that in the css files, set the grid width, container or the margin/gutter. They are in pixels.

2) As your image, the 2 small boxes in the right, you can do that by create a grid for it and then make other 2 grids inside it. It can control your grids by the gutter size, but it can’t control your vertical height to match to other.

You can do eveything that are listed here:

Thx for the quick reply. :)

I’m working with a width of about 998px. The site developer isn’t aware of anyone using 960 (even after selling 1,000+ of the same theme). –

My site (in development) –

Sadly, my CSS skills are virtually non-existent. This is the first website I’ve built in about 5 years.

I’d be happy to pay you for adapting the 960 grid to my theme with a couple of the aforementioned changes – up for it?

Thx, Mary C.

Hi Mary, please send me private message via my profile page regarding to this.

Best, zourbuth

Hi Zourbuth,

Just bought this plugin but it doesn’t seem to work? I followed the same example and shortcode as shown in your video.

I’m using this theme

Which has it’s own column shortcode … but your plugin gives more options. Can you tell if it’s compatible?


Hi there, thanks for purchasing. Please ask your theme developper if the theme supports 960 Grid System.

Hi there,

I use Woo canvas 5.5 (960gs). Does your plugin work okay with it and is it responsive?

Happy xmas

Yes, it should be work fine with other theme that uses 960gs.


Just purchased this plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work.

In the Wordpress editor, I click on the “Z” icon, select the correct grid format, but when I try to click on “insert” nothing happens. The “960 grid system shortcodes” lightbox remains open. However, when I click on “cancel”, the lightbox closes.

Many thanks

Hi brightcherrycouk. Sorry for the delay. I have uploaded the new version in this marketplace. You can wait until it approved. Or, you can send me private message, I will send you the new version via your email.



the created grids can works under tabs?

I have 9 tabs and I need 3 grid items under every tab. The items contains maps + pictures + text.


Hi Nagytalp. Please make sure if the tabs can parse any shortcode inside them.

Can this be used in conjunction with Visual Composer layouts?


I am afraid it will not support it.