Discussion on 9 Time Zone Clocks.

Discussion on 9 Time Zone Clocks.

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Hi. I understand you recommend hosting on a server. I’m looking for clocks that play from an index.html page on a disk, such as c:\MyClock\index.html and work with Internet Explorer 11. Just wondering if they will display like this? Thanks

Yes. I recomend upload files on a server because canvas may not work when run from disk. If it work from disk then it will be ok when you upload files

Hello! Thanks for these great JavaScript clocks :)

Currently I’m testing it here: Please just let me know how I can make the clocks responsive and how to implement them on the homepage of a WordPress site?

Thanks a lot in advance! Greetings from Vienna, BRANKA

Hi. This is not a wordpress plugin, but a javascript. How to make a responsive code:

Thanks for your answer. I know that this is not a wordpress plugin, but I want to use it and already bought it :) Unfortunately the responsive resizing with % is not working.

the width of the diva is hardcoded to 1200 pixels. Therefore, responding does not work. Try this to add to WordPress


I am using your 9 time zone clocks on my website and its great. I have one small issue. I have a clock in Mumbai and it is +5:30. How would I set that as the timezone? it only seems to do the +5.



write me email from my profile page, please. I will send you updated version.

i sent you an email a 1 month ago and still haven’t had anything back. Now all my clocks seem to be missing?? Please help!

Send email again

Hi, I like the clock.

1. Can i make it smaller in size to suits my website as just having basic knowledge of JS only. 2. Can i set to CST time zone? 3. When the site load, the clock all hands should at 12, and then slowly move all hands to current time, is it possible?


Hello 1. yes 2. I don’t know. It is use UTC time zone 3. No

Hello, I miss a demo with different time zones and a css how to place the clocks near each other as yor demo.

write me email from my profile page. I will send you example

Please can you let me know that does this work in XenForo, adding HTML code to my XenForo Template? Also can add show only bangladesh time zone?

Can show Example in sidebar:

How to work your plugin and How to install? Does its generated a HTML code?

write mail from my profile page. I will send instruction

Please send me the instruction, Still are not found HTML code.

Great script and fantastic support!!!

Hi Papanderos, love your clocks! Presales Q: Does the code take into account Daylight Savings time?

Hello. The clock uses data from the user’s computer. What time is displayed on the computer such a script will also show.

Hi Papanderos, can you make the clocks responsive? Cheers Marc

Hello, It is already resizable. How can I help you?

Good job my friend.. GLWS!

Hi. Firstly I really love these clocks and I want to put a couple on a page side by side in divs show I can show the time in various places, but it seems only to take the entire page. Can you kindly point me in the right direction?

Hello, please, write me email from my profile page. Try to add clocks yourself and give me link on this page.

Hi, I’ve got another problem.

Apparently the clocks are breaking out of their containers, leaving a gap above them and making them overlap the content below, take a look:

Can you help me fix this, please?

Thank you, Marcel

Very strange bug. Please write me email from my profile list. I send you modified version of this script.

Message sent. Thanks!

Hi, the clock is not displaying on my page. You can check the code on the page source, it’s the same as in your example HTML:

The space reserved for the clock is there, the codes for the clock body and hands are generated by the script, but nothing gets displayed.

The canvas elements are being generated without height and width though, so that could be the problem.

Can you help me fix this, please?

Thank you.

I can’t… in Wordpress the pages are generated dinamically, they don’t exist as files/folders. Any workaround for this?

Ok. Then you have to change the path to images in OfficeJS.js(line 36 – 52)

Worked as a charm, thank you!


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