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I love this so much, but I just realized it’s not for WordPress :( No wonder I cannot install it :p

Yup :D, You can integrate them manually if you know how…

No, I have no idea how to, but you should make one for WP bc it’s awesome.

I am planning to create a WP Plugin when I got some time…

If it’s not for WP, where do you use them?

How do you integrate them manually?


I am working on WordPress plugin right at this moment so ! But, it will take some time…

Thanks for the reply. They are really awesome icons.

Thanks, Anytime :D

Hi, i have a question before buying this. Am i able to change the social icon images by adding other images, and also make them also bigger and smaller? Thanks in advance

Hello djproducer,

The Social Icons are displayed with Font-Awesome, they are not images. You can do both but you will need to change entire concept.


Some pre-sales questions:

  • Share dialog opens in popup or in new window?
  • Share link is standard (eg website url) or dynaminc (current page)?
  • For Facebook is there any way to set different title and description depending on the page?

Thank you

Sorry for my late response, I didn’t got any notification for this message. I don’t know why, I saw this by accident. I suppose its too late now.

For that project, yes it’s late as my question was 3 months ago. But I can use it for upcoming projects depending on the answers.

hi there, i have a website of image greetings and its on HTML i couldnt find a proper script or plugin to share individual image on facebook or any other social platform like we can do through Social gallery plugin of wordpress..

I wanted to know that from this plugin of yours a user can share individual image on their facebook or a user just share a whole page???

Congratulations! Good luck