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great work mate . good luck

Hello, it can be edited with android studio ?

Hello, Currently it is developed in eclipse. but if you want to convert in android studio then you can.

Hello, now we have converted the code to Android Studio. Today we will upgrade the code here so you can purchase it.

very expensive..pleas low the price

It includes every cost.

Hello, Now We have decrease the price. you can purchase it.

Hello. Demo? Easy to add ad mob? Easy to make custom stages with my own photos?

Thanks.. Althought the looks is ok..in action doesnot function very well. Many times need to press multible times the buttons to be pressed. I suspect the code isnt much optimise to be efficient. LG g3.

Hello, Please let us know your phone version, and also let us know at what stages you facing this problem so we will help you in fixing.

Hi, is it possible to see a demo?

Hello, we will upload demo apk in next few hours.

Price went up from $44 to $64 and they dont even have a demo apk.

Thanks for the Demo APK. Any plans of adding Leaderboard and Achivments?

Hello Nitesh, Currently we are not thinking about it. but if you demanding then we can customize for you.

very expensive..1 sale !! you’re in codecanyone,no when can buy it with this price

Hello Deev, Ok then we guess need to decrease rate to $34 only.

merhaba android studio ne zaman yayınlayacaksınız

lütfen cevap verirmisin

Hello, now Android Studio Code is available..

“Hello, now we have converted the code to Android Studio. Today we will upgrade the code here so you can purchase it.”

Hi i have download it again, but it dosent work with Android Studio? And i dont see a another folder.

Hello, It will work with android studio. if not working then let me know i i will help via team viewer

Nice Work GLWS =D

Thank you

kod çalışmıyor iade edermisin lütfen paramı

Hello, We hope now your issue is fixed.

hayır çözülmedi oyunda sadece elektronik çalışıyor diğerleri çalışmıyor

Hello, Now as we discussed yesterday. almost your issue is fixed.

what should i do?

Hello, Please share connect us on skype as mrugeshbapotra so we can check the error. here we are not able to see its clearly.

2 or 3 word answers possible?