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Hi, does it work with IOS9/XCODE 7?. Does it come loaded with 600 words, can we just change app icon, launch screen,app name, app id’s and launch it?. does it work with IPAD and iphone?.

Hi, its supported xcode 7 and ios 9 and added 600 words. You can easily change a icon,app id and others.

Universal App?

Yes, this is support universal.

Hi, what’s the maximum number of characters I’m allowed to use for the ‘Word’/ image name of the app?

600 characters, yes you can change.

Hi there,

I just purchased this and when running in XCode 7 I am getting a ton of errors and am unable to run the app in the simulator. Any ideas?


Ok since the code is filled with warnings and not clean code, are you gonna release an updated clean version that works?

No problem, it will work and approve.

are all the issues to this app resolved?

No, issues in the app.

supported Android ?

game has 64 bit support, ios9.x and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?