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Omg Are You Crazy Man? That’s a Nano Technology Job You Did

I am curious. How long did it take to make 85 flags with CSS?

There are about 200 countries in the world. Will you expand this set?

Awesome job BTW.

As I said, the main goal was to achieve ? similar, simple and easy to use flag layout (maximum 2 elements). All flags could be transformed, but some of them would need lots of HTML elements, which is not cool :) So, yes, the set will be frequently updated, but at least for now the flags will be carefully selected.

Otherwise, it took me a several weeks to finish this set.

Great job ! Awesome Idea , you are an artist


Where in Israel?

Israel will be included in the next update.

can we enlarge the flags?

Yes, you can, but you have to calculate some numbers. It’s not hard, because when I developed the set, I was thinking about different sizes.

And Lebanon ? :)

anyway, crazy job you did here ! as manserro5 said, nano work ! and nice to hear that it can be “modified” to make the flags bigger

i bookmark it, would definitly buy it when needed !

At first I didn’t believe they’re images-free, great job!

can you do some instruction on how we would go about enlarging the flags

Sorry for the late reply. In the next version I will include a quick guide how to enlarge flags.

Otherwise, what to expect in the future: v3.0 – more standard size flags, how to enlarge flags guide v4.0 – more standard size flags v5.0 – more standard size flags, and set of larger size flags

I have not decided what will be the new, larger size, so you can give suggestions. There’s some limitations … few, but they exist :)

Dear Jorok,

I have purchased your css code but when i insert it, it will only stand on the top left of my screen how can i place it in different possition?

please see

Hope to hear from you.

Kindest regards, Robin

When I replace this:
<a href="">
<img src="" /><span>  </span>
with this:
<a class="flag netherlands" title="Netherlands"><span>Netherlands</span></a>
it works fine. The only thing you must change is to modify or remove margin here:

Could you add Korea in this?

I really want to buy this stuff but you know..i’m Korean.

And I must use that flag when I buy this file.

So, I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

For all the flags I use only one or two html elements. For the Korean flag I’ll need at least five :) Sorry but this is against my main goal – to achieve simple and easy to use flag layout (maximum 2 elements).

how many mb or kb is the final size of this project?

also, can you give an example of how one would include a flag in a project?


The whole CSS is about 36kb.

<a class="flag chile" title="Chile"><span>Chile</span></a>

nice work as always mate . good luck