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I’m having problems installing and using the plugin. Sent a couple of mails to support but no reply. Please help.

Apologies, we have worked hard to improve the product and are please to announce a new Dev team and a highly updated product! Please update to Version 2 ;) Any problems, feel free to let us know!

I just purchased this plugin and I already wasted 2 hours trying to log into it…... Can anyone tell me how im supose to access it?

Apologies, we have worked hard to improve the product and are please to announce a new Dev team and a highly updated product! Please update to Version 2 ;) Any problems, feel free to let us know!

Is there a way to add the emails to a subscriber list like mailchimp?

We will add this to requested feature list. Thanks for you comment

Is the “Chat” plugin able to…

1) – Keep a transcription of the chat ?

2) – Allow files to be uploaded to the admin ? If yes, can we restrict the file types and sizes ?

3) – Optimized for front-end use on a mobile phones or tablets by the visitor ?

4) – Does it have an audible alert for new chats or visitors?

5) – Does it have an email function if admin is not available?

6) – Can it handle between 40 and 80 “admin operators” ?

7) – Will it alert an operator even if the browser window is closed ?

1 – yes 2 – not at present 3- yes 4 – yes 5 – yes 6 – yes 7 – yes


I am looking to do the following as such I was hoping you could advice me:

– Have multiple forms or ONE conditional form which users may fill out (front-end) – Create a page to display all of the SUBMITTED forms (front-end) – Create a page that allows users to see their OWN forms (front-end) – Let user have a discussion on their form with admin (using front-end) – Allow admin to comment on the form (using front-end) – Allow admin to close / lock form (using front-end)

Please contact us at info@82designs to discuss further

We have added Two new features to Version 2.2 releasing this week:

- Automated Mailchimp integration - AutoPrompt setting, where the live chat pops up after a number of seconds the use is on the page.

Thanks to our users for these feature suggestions. If you have any, please feel free to reply to this comment!


We just bought your Plugin and installed it but happened following error when activating:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in /var/www/vhosts/ge-car.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/solivechat/functions.php on line 519

Please try to help us urgently.

There was a theme conflict occurring with this user. The theme was throwing an error that was affecting our plugin. We were able to resolve and it is now up and running. If anyone else experiences this, we have a patch fix until Envato release 2.2.1


Many thanks for your close support even it occurred during our off-day and we both face GMT+7 time issue. Problem solved and we highly rated your support & service!

You are very welcome, we are always happy to go beyond and help our customers! Let us know once you go live and we will show case your site!

Hi 82designs Team,

I got a issue with your Plugin, it begins to stretch my whole Site down. Please help me. I love this plugin and i want it on this Site.

Best Regards

Hey design! Really sorry to hear that. Would you mind sending us the example as well as the theme you are using? If you don’t want to post on here, please email to info@82designs.co.uk

Issue resolved, unfortunately was a css issue with the theme build, NOT the 82 Live Chat plugin :( but easily resolved for the user and their website looks great!

With their permission, we will get this on our page to show them off ;)

The issue couldn’t be fixed cause of the theme, but the support helped for an alternative solution.

Hi! Have this plugin online customer monitoring?

You can check to see what page the user is one once they have initiated a chat with you as well as being able to prompt the user to contact after being on the page a number of seconds. What other elements were you looking for?


I just bought & installed. My question is regarding additional technician.

Steps: 1. I have added new technician. Example, name: Joe 2. To login to 82 Live chat, Joe needs to login Wordpress first then login to 82 Live Chat 3. But Joe cannot login to 82 Live Chat IF NOT as the Administrator role. I have tried all roles, and 82 Live Chat panel is not showing, though I use some user role editor plugins, IF Joe is not admin, it is still not working.

I cannot give technicians to ADMIN wordpress login as it is restricted. So how the technicians login to Wordpress as NON-ADMIN but can login to 82 Live Chat.