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I just purchased the plugin and it does not work.. Please advice…

My server IP:

Hello, gamratech!

Thank you for writing in and thank you for the link.

So, we looked into it and it seems that the notification bar container is there but the content is not loading.

Here is an image reference: https://prnt.sc/iqfnvs

Could you please try adding some content to the notification bar and see if that helps.

If you already have content and if it is still not showing, please provide us a temporary wp-admin login detail to the site and we will look into it.


Hi, I want to be able to use the notification bar directly below the header as per the image in the First Example on the code canyon sales page

Can you let me know how to do this as I cannot find out how and this is the ONLY reason I bought it

as per the main sales page on code canyon

Hello, accelerateagency!

Thank you for the clarification.

Unfortunately, that is only a sale banner illustration and there is no action position define by default.

However, if you provide us your site URL with a notification bar configured, we can add CSS to make it work similarly.


Hi and thanks for a great plugin. Is it possible to make the footer sticky?

Hello there,

Thank you for writing in.

Yes, you can choose notification bar position bottom in our plugin’s backend settings. http://g.recordit.co/BC5BGzDW5J.gif


So sorry, I posted to the wrong plugin. The one I purchased is 8 Degree Fly Menu. Is it possible to make the footer sticky with this plugin..

Hello, afiore3639!

Thank you for writing back.

Unfortunately, not by default but we can make it happen.

Please configure a menu and provide us your site URL and we will send you steps to make changes or You can provide us temporary wp-admin login details to https://codecanyon.net/user/8degreethemes#contact and we can make the changes for you.


This is refund request

I have bougt your product with willingly


But I could not use it

Please forgive me

Your product realy excellent

I am sure this

But My Englis is not enough and İt is very diffucult to use your pruduct for me

This is my final decision

Please accept my refund request

Selahattin Uzun selahattinuzun@gmail.com

Hello, selahattinuzun!

Thank you for writing in.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you refund for these reason as per Envato refund policy.
  • you simply change your mind
  • you do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;
  • you ask for goodwill

Details on the policy here: https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy

If you have trouble understanding the settings then here is a video documentation series of how to create most of our demo notification bar.


You can look into our demo: https://8degreethemes.com/demo/plugins/8degree-notification-bar-pro/

choose an example you like and we will even configure the bar for you.

Hope you choose to use our notification bar and give us a change to help you with the configuration.



I am interested in purchasing this plugin. However, eight months since the last update cause me some distrust and uncertainty.

Do you plan to lauch some update soon?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards.

Hello, jotomas1960!

Thank you for the concern.

There is nothing to worry about. If you like the plugin you can go ahead an purchase the plugin. The plugin us still well supported. We just have been busy doing other projects :D


Will the Pro version of this plugin let you add JavaScript directly to the Notification Text section when adding text to a notification?

The free version of your plugin will not allow this and it would be fantastic to be able track clicks thru Google Analytics when you add a link to notifications.

Thank in Advance

I took a look in the documentation of the Pro version and it looks like there is a Custom HTML section as shown in this image.


Hello, cygnus17!

Thank you for writing in.

The premium version of the plugin does allow a Custom JS section. However, it has not been tested with Google Analytics code.

Image reference: https://prnt.sc/jifule

Yes, there is a custom HTML section as well.

If you want a tour of the backend, we also have the video tutorial of the plugin explaining the different component of the plugin.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyv2_zoytm1iZNY8fOXPsanxf0Kujj-Mr

Hope this helps.



bwentwo Purchased

Hello. My website’s url is www.wentworthleather.com

I hope you can get your plugin to work on my website quickly.

Hi, there!

Thank you for writing in,

Sorry for the inconvenience, Could you please activate our plugin so that we can check the issue and also please send your issue.



bwentwo Purchased

The plugin affects my mobile site so I can’t activate it now. We need to schedule a time to activate it when there will be little traffic. How about 11:30 PM tonight eastern standard time?

Hi, there

Thank you for writing in,

We heartily appercitie your issues as well as we humbly apologies for not being able to available at your given time

We will available on office hours at 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM GMT +45. At this time, we can solve the issues you have provided.

Hope you will co-operate with us.

Thank you!!

Dear team, I have a question regarding notification bar plugin. I would like to use it for my site but the free version is already conflicting with my fixed navigation at the top of the page (it will be shown as an overlay to the menu items and effectively hide part of the menu)

I am using Stockholm template by Select Themes, will this be compatible?

Use my name and append ”.de” to it to see the site. Also, the notification bar is not OK on the mobile version of the site (non-responsive, the text is bleeding out of the bar) – can those two issues be fixed if I buy the pro version?

PS. and could the complete bar or at least the text be linked to another page?

Hi, there!

Thank you for writing in.

Our notification bar is only used to display the information on the website However if you want to keep the notification bar on the top of the website, you need to change the layout of the menu as the menu change the layout while scrolling down.

We can do the customization for you if you want to keep the notification bar on the top.