8Degree Fly Menu - Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress

8Degree Fly Menu - Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress

8Degree Fly Menu - Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

8Degree Fly Menu – Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress

8Degree Fly Menu – Responsive Off-Canvas Menu Plugin for WordPress is a premium WordPress Plugin by 8Degree Themes that allows you to add an off canvas menu to style your site with easy information and quick navigation.

8Degree Fly Menu makes use of the default WordPress menu function to create menus. You can add additional elements to the default menu items such as menu icons, menu taglines (short description), a pseudo grouping header and a long description. We have provided you with a WYSIWYG editor for your long description, so you can add almost anything here including shortcodes. Add header content and footer content to the menu or replace the entire menu with just quick information on the fly.

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Features Description

Full Feature list

We have listed all the options available in the plugin.

  • Use as Menu or Content
  • Unlimited Fly Menus
  • Smooth scroll
  • Integrated with WordPress Menu
  • WordPress Menu

  • 4 Layouts and 9 templates
  • Custom Icons Support
    • Font icons (Genericon, Font awesome, Dash Icons, Themify Icons, Linear Icons)
    • Image Icons
  • Supported Icons

  • Multiple Flyouts per Page
  • Easy Build Menu:  Menu divided into 3 sections (Header, Body and Footer)
    • Header:
      • Site-title and Tagline
      • Login user display name
      • Custom text and title
      • Header Image
      • User Display Image
      • Custom Image
      • Wp – editor
      • Supports Shortcode
      • Search bar
    • Body
      • WP Menu
      • Wp – editor (supports shortcode)
    • Footer Section
      • Search bar
      • 20+ Social icons with label and re-position option
      • Wp – editor (supports shortcode)
  • Menu Positions (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Push submenu or drop submenu
  • Menu entrance animation
  • Sub menu animation
  • Menu Icon animation
  • Content Blur option
  • Customizable Template
    • Typography option
    • Color options
    • Background option (Color, Image, Video, Transparent)
    • Menu item border option
    • Menu item hover color
    • Menu item hover background color
    • Child Menu color, border option
    • Additional content background/ color option
    • Custom Sub menu navigation icon option
  • 5 notification label templates
    • Text color option
    • Background color option
  • Notification Label

  • Toggle Button option
    • Toggle Text option
    • Toggle Text Always show or show on hover option
    • Custom Toggle Element option
    • Show menu on hover
    • Toggle button behavior (Fixed, scroll, hide)
    • Custom Toggle button option (Image/ Font-icon/ Default)
    • Toggle text-color and background color option
    • Toggle Button position option
    • Toggle Button shape option
    • Toggle Button border option
  • Permission Settings (Logged in user/ Logged out user/ Everyone)
  • Display option (Hide Menu on specific page/ Default pages/ Archive pages)
  • Custom CSS option
  • Pseudo Header Grouping feature
  • Custom Menu item icons
  • Hide menu item name option
  • Menu item short description text
  • Menu item notification label
  • Menu item Additional content option supports HTML and Shortcodes
  • Translation Ready

If you still have any queries you can drop us a comment and we will get back to you.


Please check our detailed documentation here.

Update Log

Please check our plugin update log here.
=== Version 1.0.6 (8/29/2017) ===
- Empty custom element fix.
- Google Fonts load locally
- Hide menu in small screen devices
- Added unique filter to Walker class

=== Version 1.0.5 (8/29/2017) ===
- Custom Element trigger now accepts both element class and ID
- Color Picker Fix after WordPress 4.9 update

=== Version 1.0.4 (8/29/2017) ===
- Icon menu template 2 -  toggle button added on mobile view.

=== Version 1.0.3 (8/22/2017) ===
- Translation strings revised
- Menu close on click outside the menu feature added.
- Menu show on side hover for side menu and skew menu added

=== Version 1.0.2 (8/16/2017) ===
- Custom Design Text alignment for submenu same as primary menu
- No menu Frontend Error message fix
- Custom CSS additional space fix.
- Backend options hide/show improved.
- Responsive menu design improved.
- Icon set option added.

=== Version 1.0.1 (8/9/2017) ===
- Change about us site links
- Description padding fix
- Additional Content length parameter added
- Choose Button Icon Source Text label fixed
- Toggle text show hide fix

=== Version 1.0.0 (8/8/2017) ===
- initial release.

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