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Hi do you have example of this code posted in app store so I can check? Also what exactly is shown on the watch portion of the app? Just a timer?

No, I don’t have any reference on apple store. WatchKit includes Timer and workout image.

Hi, is it possible and easy to change to 10 minute programs? Thanks

Yes, its easy but still need some programming knowledge.

Do the videos have to be YouTube videos? Can I use compliant streaming video links from my own server?

Yes, Videos should be from youtube. if you want to use your own videos you need customisation for that. mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation.

Is it possible to change the times for each workout?

it is possible to change time for workout but to change time for each workout you need to customise app. mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com if you need any customisation

Is there an admin interface to add additional workouts?

No there is no admin interface

Does the app support Advanced Level in app purchases?

Application support in-app purchase to remove advertisement.

Hi . Seems Great source code! Can i Have a version Without watchkit, healthkit and iap if i buy?

No, you need customisation to remove this things. mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Hi, I get this error when i try and upload the app to iTunes:

ERROR ITMS-90595: “Unsupported Key. The Info.plist of bundle Watchless.app/Watch/WatchlessWatchApp.app/PlugIns/WatchlessWatchApp Extension.appex may not contain the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key.”

please advise…...........

remove UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities from info.plist. for more information mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Hi Sir, if i do less or more than 12 exercises the app turn off when i click on instruction buton, How can i fix this !! and the interstial Ad appear just one time !! how can i show more ads ? thank you.

You need to customise for more ads. and mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with error resolve. i will check

That code is working fine on IOS 10?

Yes, It is working with IOS 10


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Yes it supports 8.1 and IOS 10. Yes i will provide code without ads & Inapppurchse.


sent one mail regarding errors pls do needful

send you code

1st question: Downloaded the latest version which contains 4 storyboards, I’ve updated all of them to say 11 Minute instead of 7, but whenever you compile the project and run it, it’s still showing 7 Minute…where is this being override? Thanks!

ok I figured this one out…

2nd question: The solution is compiling fine within XCode and side loading to an iPhone device but it’s failing to Archive and then add to iTunes Connect, Apple is rejecting the WatchKit 1.0, how do we upgrade this solution to WatchKit 2.0 ?

When did you purchase ? download the latest code from code canyon download page.

Do you have live Demo on apple store?

no we don’t have live demo

hello this is a pre buy questions : does this app compatible with ios 10 ? and can i see the documentation please to see how much will cost me if i hire someone to edit the app for me, and can i import it in xcode 8.1? thank you =)

YES compatible with 10, documentation is with purchased package, cost for edit application depends on changes you need

ok good its compatible with latest xcode ?

Yes, its compatible, You can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com if you facing any problem regarding compatibility

Hello, Kindly provide live iTunes link of your app , Did you also give the youtube channel where I can show the fitness videos ? App supports Firebase ?

sorry we don’t have iTunes link.
no i don’t provide youtube videos,
No, firebase is not there,

Im getting a lot more errors. Can you please help?

1st and 4th is not bug is only a warning, ignore this,
2nd bug is may be you changed bundle identifier, change your bundle identifiers like for example
1.for app : com.fruitcompany.orange
2.for watch kit : com.fruitcompany.orange.watchkit
3.for Watchkit Extension : com.fruitcompany.orange.watchkit.extension
3rd bug : click on dropdown and select the splash screen image, thats it,

if you find it difficult or need any help mail me to freaktemplate@gmail.com