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Hi I sent you an email , please check it

I want to change the logo and the name of the app. Is this possible

Yes it is possible

Good app for workouts, but it will be damn Great if you can integrate it with Google Fit. Nice work for iOS update, keep updating guys. :D

I will also update android in future. Thank you for your appreciation.

admob banner and interstitial ?

Yes, Admob banner and interstitial is available in application.

Hi sir, i like your project. - please when the screen is locked the app stop automatically, can you fix this ! - and the interstitial ad appear one time !

Yes, i will fix this in my next update. but when i will release my next version is not fixed yet. i m busy right now so i can not promise time limits. I can clarify this to you as you didn’t purchase yet.

Ok thank you

if i buy.. i will get full tutorial how to reskin??

what kind of elelments of this app can be reskin ???

No, you will get only documentation of where you can replace the images or icon or splash screen. You can reskin colour or full UI, its depends on your programming knowledge in android.

Hello, I was testing your apk and it has at least 2 bugs! When phone goes to idle state and display is off while the app is working, the timer is stopping…. And the Reminder option doesn’t work as well. It does nothing when you set the time…. When do you release the update for your app? Your app is currently has obvious bugs which makes your app useless for workouts because it requires relaunch the app every time when display is off…. Why you are not fixing such a critical bug?

I will provide update as soon as possible. I can not promise any time limit but we are trying our best to resolve all errors.

how do i disabled ( Remove Ads ) not to show ?

In string.xml file set advertisement to no. or mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Hi, Can I add other workouts and change the 7 minute duration to any time I want ?

Yes, but you need some programming knowledge to do. for more details you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Do you have live Demo on google play? ur file did not working with my phone to test it

No, we don’t have live demo.