Discussion on 6amMart - Multivendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery app with Admin & Website

Discussion on 6amMart - Multivendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery app with Admin & Website

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Hi Team big issue I recently faced… Admin / delivery boy can not cancel the order once picked up by delivery man…

Today I face such issue that customer denied the order due to late delivery or may be there can be other issues – like

Address not found Customer denied Customer not picking phone etc.

In this case what delivery man can do ??

So plz give the option to cancel the order to delivery man and admin. With reason and remarks coloumn.

Also after cancellation – the order should be returned or deposited to the restaurant with delivery proof.

Kindly look into this matter on priority else we will not able to calculate profit and loss manually.

Also the loss will be admin side after deduction of admin commission. But plz set the refund amount ratio like 60% refund to restaurant or up and down


1)On admin page, There is no option to open multiple page at the same time ? if I want to check the delivery status and chat with customer. I can only open and close new page. Not possible to have the option to open many page ? Making it as a tab inside the admin panel?

2)There is no customer identification verification? And it’s not showing on the admin panel too

3) There is no history tracking of all employees actions ?

4) No options to include note with date published on each user profile?

5) On the chat, I can’t differentiate who is the customer and who is the seller. There’s no indication.

To protect customers, stores need to upload means of identification during registration

i get this error in sign in and sign up when i upgrade android app to version 2.2.0 “A RenderFlex overflowed by 12 pixels on the right” what could be the? issue thanks

Hello sixamtech,

I will buy this app. But I have a situation like this. After purchasing this application, I will test all the structures and make adjustments before using my test domain account for testing. Because I have a site that is actively used.

After verifying everything, I want to install it on the main domain. Is this possible? I want to remove it from the one I installed in the previous domain and install it in the new domain. The license will be used in any single domain.—>> Can I switch to


ganiyus Purchased

Please on the items campaign page it was show that I can not put more than 100,000 value as price when I want to add price on the product i want to post

and please on the site if i click store registration or join as seller the url show restaurant registration and now i off the store self registration the join as a seller was still there at the header of the website i open a ticket not responding to my complain

Hello, may I ask? When there is a conversation between the buyer, seller, and delivery person, are they not notified to each other? For example: When there is a new order. The store owner wants to chat with the person who placed the order to confirm the order or request some information. And when the store owner sends a message via chat, the shopper is not informed about this and only when the shopper enters that chat can they see the content. So how do you let shoppers know that they are having a conversation from the store?

Everything is perfect, keep it up, thank you for everything. My only recommendation is that many users use Stripe. It is horrible to have to go to another website. Making the payment with Stripe would be intuitive and more elegant for clients to pay directly on the same website without having to go. to another website to pay.

Dear team, shall we expect the multi zone (1 or more) access by employee in the next update.

Because here the employees are appointed for district wise. here the district is have 5 to 8 zone. So now the employees are need to change the login for each and every time other zone access.

This is very irritates the employees. Kindly update this feature in next update.

Thank you..


wellintj Purchased

I would like to know if in the next update, 6ammart will support the two business models like Stackfood: subscription and commission.


99proteam Purchased

hi i have a doubt , for example i have two stores one grocery, one pharmacy , so can i create multiples stores /businesses in one single account or i need to have two different accounts ?

What is coverage area overlapped… Why am I getting this error each time I try to create additional vehicle categories… Only first one will work well, but others are not working…

The delivery man can view order details page before accepting delivery but he can only message or call after accepting….. This is very important

Add this please… It is just editing of work flow from delivery man app… Our zone is so wide ..


Asfal207 Purchased

I purchased this product hosted can activate web domain shows landing page

What’s new in the next update?

Hopefully within first week of next month sir and till now we support team don’t have details about release. Thank you.


wellintj Purchased

Is there any forecast for when a visual redesign of 6ammart will be launched? : Improvements for the Stores and Markets Module. When adding products, there should be an option to link them to a brand and to the EAN barcode. There could also be a single product registration for all stores. This way, if a store wants to add a product, they can simply search for it and add the pre-existing registration with photos and everything else without the need to register it again. The only remaining task for the store would be to set the prices. The product information in the app should display the EAN code. To avoid quality issues with the current registrations, the admin should approve the product registrations.

Sir we are trying our best and hopefully in upcoming release you will get a feature like this called global products. And also UI/UX changes. Stay following and supporting us.

need to place product brand attribute on the platform

Hope we will add soon in future releases sir. Thanks for your support and cooperation. Stay following us.

Please why can my app miscalculate distance… It is adding excess km…

Hello sir, kindly open a ticket here with details – Our team will investigate sir and don’t worry.

from admin panel cannot change the user’s detail by admin please update that one

Thanks for your valuable feedback sir, we are not adding this as this is a common system and this is totally unethical in some countries. Thank you.

Store take away… During delivery, it ask for image proof… After snapping image proof… Delivery is not confirmed… Instead, it aske Asking again, image proof… Can I disable image proof for store… I prefer code proof from customer… Like code proof for delivery man…

Disable image proof for take away order, code proof is better…

Thanks for your valuable feedback sir, as per I know the image proof is option. We will investigate and will fix in next update which will be release within first week of next month. Thank you.


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