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what game engine are you using? Is it build in Buildbox?

HI there,
All of our games are build using BuildBox. This one is made in BuildBox 2.2.2.

I click pause button it go to Admob but back to game screen it can not play again.

Hello there,
We will check this and will come back to you.

How to share game screen?

Please contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1

do you have the android studio project files

Here is video how to import Eclipse Project into Android Studio https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZtVmSZPj3OwkK15QQcxyUtjG48YFd9yUfk We would advise to make first all change in Eclipse and then import into Android Studio.

Can add more floor ?

In next update we will bring up to 1000 floors, adding up to 400 additional floors.

Is the buildbox file included?

We have already reply.