8 in 1 multi Restaurant Food Ordering App|Food Delivery Android+iOS App Template| Flutter 2| Hungerz

8 in 1 multi Restaurant Food Ordering App|Food Delivery Android+iOS App Template| Flutter 2| Hungerz

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Food Ordering with Advance POS System | Flutter UI Template

Hungerz is an online food ordering app template which allows user to order food online as well as restaurant app to receive food order and delivery app to get delivery tasks.

It has 8 different app UI which offer customers to order Food online, a Restaurant to get food orders, a delivery app to get food delivered.

We developed these apps using Flutter, it’s is a leading cross platform technology which enables developers to write single codebase for both Android and iOS. This helps in shipping apps faster then traditionally developing apps for individual platform.

Reasons to buy

Our UI templates will help you to quickly get started with your project, now instead of worrying about UI and UX of your food ordering app, you can start writing the functionalities of your app. This will bring down your time to market. You will be able to launch your apps quickly. Either you are a developer working on client projects or you are planning to launch your on product, we make sure that our customers get the latest features. That is why we keep updating our codes to the latest best practices latest being the null safety feature of Flutter 2. In case you need help in developing complete solution with laravel based backend, you can contact us on our whatsapp number given above.

Changelog & Update History

Version 3.4
25th September 2021

Update: UI Improvement
Update: Fixed few crashes
Update: Minor bug fixes
Update: Performance Improvement

Version 3.3
25th July 2021

New: Google Admob Added
New: Google Map Added
Update: UI Improvement

Version 3.2
5th July 2021

Update: Responsivness
Update: Minior Bug Fixes 
Update: UI Improvement

Version 3.1
23rd May 2021

New: Null safety
Update: Flutter updated to version 2

version 3.0
8 March 2021

New: Animation Screen
Update: Documentaion Updated

Counter Web:
New: Table booking section 
New: Real-Time Chat with customer
New: Real-Time Chat with the Delivery person
New: Order visible when placed from the user app
New: Order status color coding with settings 
New: Delivery Information of placed order
New: Transaction listing including all types of order
New: eWallet added for user app payments
New: Send to bank added 
New: Review and rating section 
New: Authorization section for chefs
New: Authorization section for Kiosk
New: Authorization section for Review
New: Authorization section for waiters
New: Authorization section for restaurant manager 
New: Set Location option in setting via Google Map
New: Opening and closing time in settings
New: Terms and condition section added
New: Support section added
New: Many new setting options added
Update: Login flow
Update: Order placement flow
Update: Dashboard improved 
Update: Home page improved 
Update: Customer listing  
Update: Order status screen 
Update: Menu essentials
Update: Many other UI/UX improvements

version 2.0
6 March 2021

New: Kiosk App (Self Ordering System)
New: Review App (Kiosk System)

User App:
Update: Order placement flow improved
Update: Table booking flow improved

Kitchen App:
New: Order type visibility
New: Order time visibility 
New: Order number added
New: Past orders added

eMenu App:
Update: Home page improved
Update: UI/UX Improved

Restaurant App:
New: Table booking option added
New: Order type added
New: Order time added
New: Order status color coding with settings 
New: Authorization section for chefs
New: Authorization section for kiosk
New: Authorization section for review
New: Authorization section for waiters
New: Authorization section for restaurant manager
New: eMenu App management 
New: eMenu item listing
Update: Many other UI/UX improvements

version 1.1
23 December 2020

Update: Documentation Updated
Update: Delivery App Added
Update: UI Improvements
Update: Minor Bug Fixes
Update: Multi lingual Support Added
Update: Screen linking issue fix
New: New Screens Added

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