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can I get the value of each one from php?

I realize I already have visit counter. i want to line this up together with the visit counter. I don’t need the breakdown of users and guest. I only need total user online value. can I get that if I am inserting in php code?

If you have some PHP skills you can easily modify the plugin to do that but it will require some PHP coding.

This is the second plugin I purchased from you guys in less then an hour lol GREAT plugin and worked like a charm:

2 requests:

1. If we opt to display it in a Widget, can we exclude the Admins from showing up as logged in users?

2. Someone left this comment on your plugin’s page: “Have 10 dollar bill sitting in front of me to pay for the addon to this plugin – click on name in admin, open a chat with them on my site and on the page they are on…. Cheers, Bob

Has this been implemented? Is it possible to chat live with logged in users?

Thank you for purchasing.

1) You can display the number of guests/anonymous users online which excludes admins.

2) No, this plugin does not have any chat capabilities nor will such add-on be available.

Please note that we can provide support via comments. Please contact our support via email if you need any additional assistance.

Thanks for this plugin! :bigwink:

You’re welcome. Thank you for purchasing!

For some reason from time to time my Guests counter shows up as though there are minus visitors, for example: -2 guests.

Is this a bug?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

some of my pages are not on my wordpress site …. what is the code to put on these other pages , so we can get a total of the whole site ?

many thanks

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

This is a WP only item. It can’t be used outside of WP.

Great plugin that also works flawlessly on templates, of course with much thanks to Gordan for the splendid response to my questions. Thank you!

Glad we were able to help :)

Nice plugin, congrats! By the way, is there a way to add some style to the count numbers?

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

Please contact our support via email. We can’t provide support via comments.

Find it :)Thanks anyway !

Glad to hear that!

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There’s no reply button to respond to my comment at the first time. Please, check yourself.

Is this multisite compatible?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Officially we don’t support WPMU but I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work ;)

This plugin still support latest wp ?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

All our plugins are compatible with the latest official WP releases.

Hey, plugin working great. I have a little request though. I am the only author on the blog so for me it would be better to link the online user names to the user edit pages instead of the front ent author pages which now just give 404´s as Subscribers don´t have them. It´s just changing the link, I can hard code it in, despite the fact I can´t actually figure out what to put in there *haha

It would be ”/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=XY”. The user ID I cannot get to display for the respective user, can you help me with that?

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

We don’t provide support via comments – http://codecanyon.net/item/5sec-whos-online/156016/support

So instead of writing that you could have actually been really helpful but you insist on your system which may be okay if this was your site but it isn’t and here on codecanyon people do get help in the comments ALL the time so what is you problem? Why are you not helping? Don´t you think you could safe a lot of time if people could find 80% of the questions being answered already? Sorry for being so direct but I think this is a service nightmare. I am not interested in the solution anymore, have a good day.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately our rules regarding support will not change as they are a result of many years of experience on Envato.

Does this have “viewing this page” count? Not just online in whole website?

Something like…

Who is online: 100; Viewing this page: 22

If user is watching video on a page and not browsing around, will he gets deducted in the online count?


Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

No, there’s no per-page count. No, he won’t get deducted from the count.

Hello, Is the plugin still working because I didn’t see it updated for more than 3 years? Can it show the most ever number of visitors were online? Is the plugin uses AJAX to count who is online? because it is required to be compatible with caching plugins? Waiting for your reply Thanks.

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Plugin works fine. It doesn’t use AJAX and it doesn’t have a max users count.

Is it will be compatible with caching plugins?

We can’t guarantee compatibility with 3rd party plugins. It’s not our code.

Instead of having a side bar widget contain who’s online stats, can your plugin be setup so that all stats are seen at the bottom of all pages of a website? The way I see it if its only able to show stats in a side bar widget, and there’s a lot of members logged in on your site, then that side bar is going to be pretty big displaying all members names or gravatars!

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide any support via comments.

how long will it keep the number of online users. I have a video page that I want to insert this to display currently watching. If the video is long. let say whole day for live event monitoring. how does it refresh to update currently watching users?


Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

By default it’s 5 minutes but it can be adjusted to any value that suits you.

how can I count user online on specific page? let say I have video page 1 and video page 2. and my overall user online is 100. 40 are in page 1 and 60 are in page 2. will it show 40/100 in page 1 and 60/100 in page 2?

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

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can this plugin display on a page if the ID user in online? Putting a shortcode..exemple ID2, id67, id410 ?

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in 5sec Who’s Online!

Unfortunately, that is not possible without modifying the plugin. You can see all the shortcodes and usage possibilities here: http://5sec-whos-online.webfactoryltd.com/documentation


Question before purchase?

I’m looking for a plugin that displays the number of online visitors in real time

1) Your plugin is compatible with wordpress 4.7.2

2) View the number of visitors online? in real time For example ! 10 Users, 40 Members, 6 Guests, 2 Bots Would it be possible to add the function to our file “function.php” of the child theme

Thank you

I do not really see the report, with the bug and the problems Anyway from the beginning you gave no support and no patch


Now that we have bought support again you have more execuses Send me an update of the plugin

Thank you

Hi again, Thank you for extending the support period!

Please keep the conversation active via email since we can’t help you much via comments. By posting the same questions both via email & comments, and sending the same email multiple times is just slowing thing down, and against our rules. Please be patient – our agents will answer you shortly.

Hi, Friend, would you help me customize like this?


Hi, Since we aren’t able to provide any help via comments, please contact our support team via email.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing and using 5sec Who’s Online!

Please contact our support team directly via email for any assistance with the plugin.

sorry would you help me do this? that only a total visits counter comes out with this style. http://prntscr.com/h37hkh

Please contact us via email: https://codecanyon.net/item/5sec-whos-online/156016/support and our agents will let you know the details.


Hey friend,

The update of your plugin it is well being created? for the version of wordpress 4.9.5 I look forward to your answer

Thank you

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

The plugin is fully compatible with WP v4.9.x.

This comment is currently being reviewed.