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Does this plugin violate privacy of my users?

Absolutely not! All recorded data is completely anonymous. Here’s a sample from the search log table:

ID  term   search_count last_search
1   horse   44           2011-02-09 17:18:54
2   cat     34           2011-02-09 17:17:00
3   rhino   11           2011-02-09 17:17:54

How much disk space is needed to save 1 million searches?

That’s impossible to say because the number of searches is almost irrelevant. Unique searches are important because only new unique searches take additional space. Just to give you a rough estimate: 200 thousand unique searches with an average length of 8 characters take up about 15MB of disk space (that’s data + table index).

My site has a trillion visits per day. Will this plugin slow it down?

No it will not slow it down. Plugin does add some overhead but it’s negligible. Here are some technical details; if user’s referrer string shows he came from a search engine the keyword is logged. If a local search is performed the term is logged (only on first page of the results). Autocomplete itself is done via AJAX and optimized SQL so the overhead is minimal.

It’s not working?

  • * Do you have wp_header() and wp_footer() function calls in theme’s header/footer? No? Add them!
  • * Do you have jQuery included in your theme? No? Enable “Include jQuery” option in autocomplete settings.
  • * Do you have a non-standard search box with a different id/name? Yes? Edit “Input Field(s) to Autocomplete” in options to properly target your search box(es).

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