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Can this plugin work with buddypress? I need to find a redirect plugin so when a person logs in they are redirected to their profile/activity page.

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There’s really no reason for it not to work. Please note that you’ll have to write each redirect manually, for every user.

can i do this: al links with mysite.eu/consult change to mysite.org/

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Yes, you can do that – that’s exactly what the plugin was designed for, to redirect one link to another. Check out the demo site: http://5sec-redirect.webfactoryltd.com/ where you can see all the plugin’s features and how you can use them.

Please note that the plugin has to be installed on the originating domain (domain from which you redirect).

Does it work on nginx server?

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If you have setup WordPress correctly on you server, you shouldn’t have any trouble running our plugin on it :)

Thanks so much! I’ll think of buying it after completed my site.

You’re welcome :)

If you have any other questions about the plugin before you decide to buy it, don’t hesitate to leave another comment or contact us any time.

pre-sale question:

i want to show demos of html templates from xyz.com to some people. but i don’t them to know the url of the demos to be that of xyz.com, instead they should see my site’s URL abc.com… can this be done?

Yes, that’s exactly one of the plugin’s features :) If you choose URL cloaking as redirection type, you can hide target URL with any other URL that you choose.

but i do not own xyz.com—still okay?

Yes, it’s not a problem. The original xyz.com URL will be cloaked.

So base the question above.

I’m able to use a new domain i bought example www.cloak.com and cloak a link like www.affliatelink.com/2988329=aff49302. Is it possible ?

I don’t want to use my new domain and use a page to cloak like www.cloak.com/page1.

What I want is: www.cloak.com > www.affliatelink.com/2988329=aff49302

What I’m not looking for is: www.cloak.com/page1 > www.affliatelink.com/2988329=aff49302

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Yes, you can do that. Here’s an example http://5sec-redirect.webfactoryltd.com/url-cloaking-example/


I’ve seen the URL it doesn’t change, I’ve another question.

Am I able to use this on a Call-to-action button and cloak the link ? Like using it on a landing page, as I want it to cloak it as I’m doing adult and don’t want my social media accounts to get banned easily.

Yes, you can cloak any URL on your site :)

I want the user to be able to download a file and then be able to redirect the user to another page, is that possible?


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Unfortunately, no, that’s not possible with this plugin.

Hi guys,

does this plugin support regular expressions as well instead of only a wildcard?

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Sorry, no. Regular expressions are not supported.

Hi, little presales question… Can you do a bulk upload for redirects, say based from the export out of google webconsole?

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No, sorry, that’s not possible.

Hi pre sale question, I am changing my domain.. i am looking to redirect all my old domain to new domain page with 301 redirect..

example: sanitaryware.guru/ball-cay to sanitaryware.org/ball-clay, sanitaryware.guru to sanitaryware.org sanitaryware.guru/example-path to sanitaryware.org/example-path

is it possible with this plugin??

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Yes, but you’d have to enter each URL manually. I recommend using a few rules in your .htaccess file. It’ll be much faster to setup.

oh Thanks..

Pre-Sale Question: Will this plugin work on media too? I am currently using the Redirection plugin but it doesn’t work on media. I have several pdfs uploaded to my site that we link to. These are government documents so it’s out of our control when there are updates. The new uploads have new permalinks that we need the old permalinks to redirect to.

Hi, Can you please give a specific example of what you need to do. If I understood correctly do want: yourserver.com/link/ -> somewhere/file.pdf and then when PDF location changes you can just edit the redirect? Right? If so, yes you can easily do that.

Trying to redirect this url: https://onesourcebackground.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/NOTICE-REGARDING-BACKGROUND-INVESTIGATION-CA-LAW.pdf to this url: https://onesourcebackground.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/NOTICE-REGARDING-BACKGROUND-INVESTIGATION-CA-LAW.pdf

The first url above is a link on 300 individual pages (our backend system provided by a 3rd party vendor). There was an update to this document so we had to upload the new pdf to our site. But now the url is different (2nd url above). Trying to find a way to redirect the old url to the new url. Hoping to avoid the manual process of updating the link on 300 pages.

Just tested it – works like a charm. You’ll be able to do that ;)

Great little plugin.

Thank you!

can you upload bulk redirects via csv or text file?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items! We have that feature prepared for the next update.

Hello team,,Would you like to Update the software, working slower on my wordpress website. thank you..

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

If you’re having problems, please contact our support.

Hi there! Is your plugin good to auto redirect outgoing urls? (ex: popurls.com)

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Sorry, no. It doesn’t have that function.


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Not working: i’m using WP Version 4.6.1 and it doesn’t work….is this known?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support and they’ll help you sort out the problem ASAP.


pelsar Purchased

just subscribed and sent in a request

Hi, is your plugin good for auto masking links as well? (links coming in from rss feed) Thanks

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Can you please provide an example of what you need.

Well it’s a popurls.com type site which has widgets with rss feeds updating several times daily. Is it possible to auto mask those links from the feeds?

No, sorry. You’d have to enter every link in manually.

Any plans for updates with import/export redirect lists?

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We do have plans for updates, but unfortunately, at this moment we still can’t tell you the exact release dates.

Is it possible to pause on a page for 5 seconds and then re-direct?

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Sorry, that is not possible.