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works great and simple. i Love youre Plugins. thanks for this.

Thank you for purchasing!

can you provide an example of how to use this plugin to change a current link to a modified one with an affiliate code?

Sure. Under options you select “alter using advanced rules” for any user group you like. The href attribute would we something like “{href}?affID=763” and the text would remain unchanged so “{text}”. And you’ll probably want to alter only external links so set that option as well.

Hi there,

I had purchased the Redirect plugin thinking it would be a domain link cloaker. I should have asked a pre-sale question, my mistake!

Anyway, does this plugin cloak a link? For example I want to make an affiliate link (www.domain.com/program=ref?username/code=92837874501202712) into a much simpler link such as www.domain.com/recommendations/a-simple-link

Would something like that be possible?

Hi, very sorry you purchased the wrong plugin :(

So you would like for the nice link to stay in the user’s address bar? Or do you want to put the nice link in the text and when user clicks it, it takes him to the “ugly” one?

Basically, I dont want my visitors to see the affiliate link and I want to be able to set a nice link as you called it.

If they click on the ad, they should be redirected to the ad page.

Is that possible?

It’s possible with a few “ifs”. That’s called a pass-trough rule and it’s going to be available in the next 5sec Redirect update. Please contact us via email so that we can tell you what exactly is going to be vailable in that update and to see if it fits your needs.

Are the user groups your referring to “roles”? I would like the ability to add users to a “user group” I create. Then only give access to a link for a specific user group.


Hi, You can use some other plugin (or code by hand) to create a new, custom user group and then put users in it. That can easily be done.

Pre-purchase question!

I am using Wordpress as a base for a kiosk application and want to be able to modify all external links to add a rel attribute so they open in a lightbox. Would this plugin be able to do that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi; thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Unfortunately no. You can’t add/edit the rel attribute. Sorry.


I have a site where it has digital downloads. Would this plugin work it I don’t want to show where my files are stored in my server? for example: all my downloads are in http://mywebsite.com/folder1/ so is it possible to hide from where they are downloading?

Thanks a lot.

No that’s not possible with this plugin. Sorry.


im getting “page not found” issue. I’m using Link href attribute: {href-enc} but when I click on the link it will take me to “page not found”

any solution? thanks

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

We’d also kindly ask you to read the provided item’s documentation. In most cases it will help you resolve the issue in matter of minutes.

Pre-purchase question:

Can I use the plugin to remove the links from featured images. i.e. The image that links to the full post cannot be clicked unless logged in?


Sorry, further to above since I can’t seem to edit that question..

Put another way, if I disable ALL links inside a div, does that also disable the links for the featured images until the member is logged in?

Ahh, it is a localhost installation so can’t be accessed from outside. If I email you can you tell me the DB table it is stored in, or provide a SQL query to remove it?

You’ll have to contact support via email but what I can tell you is that the scope of our support does not cover any item modifications.

I have contacted support. I do not want to modify anything. I want to remove the shortcode from my database!

Pre Sale Question hi.. i want to redirect all my external links with my internal URL to check the traffic. Can this be possible with this plugin eg: In my website there is an external link for youtube.com videos so when user clicks on it, it should pass from my internal website url. just to know the traffic..

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Sure, you can alter only external links and have them pass through a “proxy”.

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you!

Hi, do you have Variable for the post title? So far u only have variable for Post/Page ID

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

No, that variable is not available.

Hello, I saw your nice plugins , I’m using WordPress 3.9 And WooCommerce 2.1.8. I want to ask if your plugins can help me to make two groups or level registration (Male, Female) in my WordPress website where each group/level has its own private product and the new user has to select one of them when he/she register on the website. Thank you,

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

No unfortunately this plugin won’t be able to help you with that.


i have 500-600 product posts with affiliate links from an advertiser that is no longer exist in the network, can the plugin remove or change to other link all those affiliate links based on the id? example link: http: // go .thenetwork. se/z/10814-0/CD96/?lnkurl= theadvertiser .html

up to ?lnkurl= it is the same, after that it is the advertiser’s product url,

Thanks, Stathis

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

No sorry :( It doesn’t have that complex URL altering actions.

Hello, how can i rule a specifield url to not link remove? regards

Hey, Thanks for purchasing! :)

We can’t provide any help via comments. Please contact our support team.

Hello, I install your plug-in, great plugin!I would like to ask you: this is my website: http://vip.360msl.com/?P = 71459 my station is a zoom function, how to click on the preview images appear this prompt, where to modify the prompt me, I want to div a tip: Image always be the loaded. Make sure the path is correct and the Image exist.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing!

We can’t provide any help via comments – please contact our support team and they will help you ASAP :)

Hi, this plugin auto remove the link or must using shortcode?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items.

No, you don’t have to use a shortcode.