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Bubble/description on map is broken

Your CSS is interfiring with the map’s CSS. There are numerous things that could be wrong but for start add this rules to your CSS:
.gmap-canvas {
  line-height: 98%;
  font-size: 99%;

Can I place multiple markers/addresses on the same map?

No, this plugin doesn’t support that (for now).

Why is Google Maps JS included on all pages not only on ones with [gmap]?

It’s a know bug. It’ll be fixed in a day-two!

Plugin may not be working – wp_footer() issue

In order to work properly the plugin does not require wp_footer() function call in theme footer.php. However we stongly suggest that you use the wp_footer() function call. If you don’t have it plugin is going to try and work around it and give you a warning in admin.

If you’re theme doesn’t have that code and the plugin is not working properly place this code just above the </body> tag:
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

After you make any changes to your theme regarding the wp_footer() call please deactivate/activate the plugin. Don’t worry, no maps will be lost.

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