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Presale Question – I need a map that has two primary features,

1) ability to display an overlay precisely along boundaries I specify 2) ability to let users enter their street address and add a temporary marker to the map so they can see whether or not they are within the boundary

Can you plugin do this?

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Unfortunately, that’s not possible to do with our plugin.

One question about this plugin. Can I make a classified real estate clickable map like this one ? https://www.publi24.ro/

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Unfortunately, that’s not possible.


Is it easily possible to show on one page a map with all categories (A+B+C) and in another page a map with category A only, another page a map with category B only etc…

Thank you

Hey, Thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Sure! Since you can create as many maps as you want, you can easily combine all the pins/location you have as you wish :)


We need to create a map that covers a slightly wider area than Caribbean. We wish to create a map displaying central America + Caribbean and allowing users to zoom into very small islands (keeping details, unlike Google Geochart API), in order to click on each small islands and get contextual information. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards.

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in our items!

While you can set up the map as you like (including the zoom level so you can adjust the view show a slightly wider area than the Caribbean), you can zoom only as far as Google allows you. Unfortunately, you can’t select each island and make the area clickable, but you can set pins on the location and show more information on pin click for each island.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support team directly via email.

Please continue to work for wordpress by placing multiple homes for the person to put their address and open on google maps and open the way to get to the property?

Hi, unfortunately we don’t understand your question.

I need the following solution – is your plugin able to do what I want?

I have a custom post type which lists a specific business type – only one. The data is submitted back-end of front end and includes an address which is stored in ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ which stores the address and lat/lng as an array (I think).

Each of the businesses listed in the CPT has a county, which is set via a taxonomy field.

What I want to be able to do is to have a custom taxonomy template for each county, listing the businesses in that area. At the top of the page I want a map that shows that county, and all the businesses in the area, with the locations taken from the existing map data – automatically, obviously!!!

I suppose on the main post archive page I could have a uk map showing all locations, but with 400 at present and up to 700 expected, I suspect it would be slow as treacle, so I’m not worried about that.

Can this plugin help, or is it only for manually input addresses and locations?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in or items!

Out-of-the-box – no. But with a few lines of PHP that would extract all locations from a taxonomy term for a specific country – yes.

Locations from a taxonomy? Okay, but I was actually asking about the ability to extract the map locations from the posts that are displayed on the county taxonomy template. So for example, someone visiting my custom taxonomy archive for (say) the Greater London metropolitan area (it acts like a county in practical terms) would see a map at the top of the page with pins for all the businesses that are listed further down the page in the listings for London.

The question, as before, is whether the map could be populated automatically (I suppose I should have said without needing to get someone to custom code it for me) by extracting the location lat/lng from data is custom fields for the posts that are displayed by my taxonomy templates.

It sounds like no…


You can use any custom field as a value inside the map. Instead of writing the address on every page, you can do: [pin]$my-saved-address[/pin] and the value will be taken from the custom field.

So if we’re talking about one address per post then you’re good (a map that would be visible on a template showing one post). But if you want to show a map with multiple pins (in your case for a taxonomy archive) then you need a bit of PHP to get all those addresses from posts and into the map.

i need to filter by category or user role my users and display them on the map. is it possible? is it plugin project live?

Hi, That’s not possible with our plugin.

hi, do you offer also customization service to implement filter and user location map?

Hi again, Yes, filtering pins by categories would be possible.

Would you please be so kind and contact our support team to support@webfactoryltd.com about this. They will give you more details about the customization options :)

Great great news! filtering is it possible without customization? and filter and display users object is it possible by customization?

Please contact us via email for more details.

Hi, presale question – I’m creating an online language course, the concept is a trip around France where each lesson is represented by a town once a quiz is passed the student moves onto the next town. What I’d like to do is create a map per student based on the lessons they have taken (probably using Learndash) and their next one is this kind of thing possible with your plugin?

Hi, Thank you for taking an interest in 5sec Google Maps PRO!

If I understood correctly, you would like to automatically pass the variable so the map shows a location depending on the student’s status? Unfortunately, that’s not possible “out of the box”.

While that would be possible, it would require some custom coding. If you’re interested, please contact our support team directly via email with you request, so that the developer can get you a quote.

You’re welcome :)