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Finally! I can stop writing that sh** in functions.php and use a plugin like a normal person!

Disable per-post is the only option I need.

Yes, this is a trivial plugin but for those who need it it really get’s the job done.

Thanks for purchasing!

Dude, you just popping them out left and right another great fast solution product. Great job!

I’m having feeling you have more coming, I be on the lookout ;)

Thanks for purchasing and those kind words!

Yes, we do have a lot planned! In fact 1 item per week is our minimum goal :)

We’re also going to further push the 5sec concept because we believe that since people are giving us money we should save their time and not force them to read 10 pages of documentation.

Does this shortcode allow me to put php in posts?

No. For that you need our 5sec Exec PHP plugin which is going to be available tomorrow.

Awesome. Just what I need. If it works well, expect a sale from me for every client I get (hopefully lots of sales for you then, haha).

Glad to hear that :)

Hi, just wanted to let you know – 5sec Run PHP is available for purchase. If you have any questions about it please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I am trying to have a popup music player for my wordpress site.

I need to make a page that will not have any of the wordpress menu footer etc..

I just wanted to see before purchasing, if this plug will allow me to make a new page that has nothing but what i create in the wsywig editor..

So basically when I call to a popup that is say 300 px 300 px big I can just have a 300×300 px music player in the popup window only and nothing else.


No our plugin will not help you :( It has no control over header/footer/sidebar … Just disables formatting in post/page content.

What you need is a theme modification that will prevent header/footer output for certain pages. If don’t find a suitable plugin please contact us via email – we can modify your theme.

I’m a little confused by this plugin. I just bought it, but it doesn’t really do what I expected.

I thought that if I entered something like:

**some content formatted with html tags**

That it would output the formatted text with the tags, etc. I was trying to use it to embed a google map with an iframe tag, for example.

Instead, it just rendered the code on the page with the tags, not a google map as I expected in my example.

Can you clarify what this actually does? It seems like it’s working similar to the < pre > tag. Not sure.

Using WP 3 .1

Thank you for purchasing! It should do exactly what you described! We’re just finishing testing WP 3 .1 compatibility but so far we haven’t found any problems.

Please be so kind to contact us via email so that we can have a more in-depth look at the issue at hand.

I have the raw custom field set to 1.

Why when I switch from visual back to HTML does it mess up stuff again?

I add some tags to post and then if I switch the views it removes them.

The plugin does not change post content in any way. It’s all done on-the-fly. Can you please contact us via email with the WP details so that we can have a look at the problem.

Thank you for purchasing!

Very simple to use!

Thank you for purchasing!

Great solution for putting HTML in posts.

Thank you for purchasing!

Silly question…. I am fedup with this feature of WP on clicking ‘Enter’ to change line when I am typing it always jumps two line space instead of one. Will this plugin take care of this?

Unfortunately no. If you enable this plugin WP will ignore line breaks and wont convert them to break or paragraph tags.

Will this plugin allow non super admin user to put tag into content editor and keep it ?

You’re refering to WPMU ?

Somehow “iframe” in my previous post was removed. It’s for wordpress single installation. I use super admin account (userid= 1) and able to use iframe tag for google map. But then my client with “editor” role updated the post and the Iframe tag was gone. Will this plugin allow user with capability to create / update post to put IFRAME tag into content editor and keep it ?

Unfortunately that’s not the purpose of this plugin. It doesn’t control any user privilege based things. It just prevents WP from adding paragraphs and similar formatting on output.

I’m using WPMU and everything I’ve tried to remove formatting doesn’t work for editors. Will yours?

Hi, You would like to disable formatting only for editors? That wont work. Sorry :(

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I really only want this plugin for the [RAW] shortcode. I’ve tried other plugins (non-premium) to remove formatting in a post/page, it will work fine for the Super Admin, but not for Editors.

I think I’ll just purchase it and see if it works or not! Then, if it doesn’t, I’ll let you know!

Please don’t do that. We can’t refund you so it’s not fair … Contact us via email please and we’ll give you a test version. If it works then purchase it.

Hi, I entered is some txt that will not be formatted[/raw] and it is still keeping the same format of the original template. You can check the test page at http://123ehost.org/aaaaaa/

Regards Sam

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support (via the contact for on our profile page) with your site details. We can’t provide support via comments.

Is this extension still up to date ? If I paste html code insite a [raw] shortcode in TEXT mode and i switch to visual, does the visual editor stop to clean the html code ? Thank you

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Unfortunately this plugin will not help you with the visual editor problems. It only works on the front-end.