52 Weeks - The challenge of saving money

52 Weeks - The challenge of saving money

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52 Weeks was released! The best 52 weeks challenge app to save your money. Did you know that with just $1 you can collect $1378 in 52 weeks without feeling?

How it works?

You define your goal (travel, buy a car, a new cell phone), define how much a week you want to start and when you want to start. The app does the calculation automatically and gives you the amount you should save each week.


  • 100% translatable
  • Offline documentation
  • Admob implemented
  • MoPub implemented
  • Login via Facebook or Google
  • The app notifies users on the day that they should save money
  • Automated cron jobs to send notifications to users
  • If the user saves a week in advance, the user will not be notified
  • No admin panel required
  • Secure API
  • Simple and clean code/app
  • Material Design included


May 15, 2021

- User can choose which currency to save
- Problems with images were fixed
- Logic problems solved
- Fixed local currency issues
- Spelling problems fixed

March 09, 2021

- New form of login: Google Account
- New login screen
- New ad network: MoPub with AdMob mediation
- Bug fixes and improvements to screen boundary patterns
- Now the user can share the app using just a button

January 22, 2021

- Initial release