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Is there reason this is tagged as Wordpress ? Apologies if I missed why…

Well, it is in a WordPress Plugin.

WordPress – Yes. Generally people don’t like to edit themes to embed icons. So we just give One click insert (Shortcode) panel to user.

Though this plugin also helps in giving HTML code.

Anyhow, I am also launching it in HTML version soon.

Thank You


hey jay, i can’t open the preview site in the Chrome Browser. ( This website is not available) but in FF it works fine.

all the best

(Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): The DNS server address can not be resolved.

Actually, this is problem with your browser and not the site.

This error is sometimes common from chrome users. Google it for solution. :)

thank you

Im not very happy with this one. Seem to be very buggy isnt it? Whats about text alignment? Seems that i cant align the icons to center or right. It also brokes the style in some cases. Very very weird at all.

hopefully there will be a bugfix soon.

i´ve sent you a demo links with two issues.

i am working on it. i ll update in 24 hours. thank you

Ok. Update uploaded. Now its on Codecanyon guys, how fast they make it available for you.

Thank You

Im having the same issue as lenzdorf.

Can we get a fix for this?

Great plugin with alot of excellent icons though.

i am working on it. i ll update in 24 hours. thank you

Ok. Update uploaded. Now its on Codecanyon guys, how fast they make it available for you.

Thank You


When I try to activate I get an fatal error of: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/capecora/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cc_icons/iconswpbyjboncc_main.php on line 22

Please help, thanks!

Emailed you. There is issue with your installation. I hv explained it in mail also with the solution for same. Thank You

It’s not the installation….I have tried it on several websites even after the php change you said was the reason.

Ok. I have sorted your issue.

Your server settings were conflicting and so gave u a new code. This new code does not need this particular server setting.

Please check your email.

Thank you

Looks great.. but on on of my dev sites it doesn’t load the icons :( very anoying.. tried it on two others and it works there.. not with the project that i bought it for though

Its is simple issue.

If you have access to php.ini file on your server, just make this change

allow_url_fopen = Off should be changed to allow_url_fopen = On

Or ask your server administrator to do it for you. You might need to restart your server after making the changes. It will be fine.

thank you


oke.. i’ll have to see.. my host is kind of a security hardliner.. so i do not know if he wants to change it..

Its a simple change. Generally allowed by any host. TY

Can i add this icons to header.


Yes you can add icons to header. In fact anywhere in your theme. You will have to edit your theme files for the same.

Open your current themes header.php file and copy this code below:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘ICON_SHORTCODE_HERE’);?>


<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[i font=”v34” code=”e018” size=”36px” onsize=”44px” color=”#ffffff” oncolor=”#ffffff” padding=”16px” onpadding=”12px” bgtype=”gradient” bg1=”#17d15b” bg2=”#12b542” onbg1=”#ef4f37” onbg2=”#d32721” borderwidth = “1px” bordercolor = “transparent” borderstyle = “solid” borderradius = “50%” effect = “spin” link = ”” target = “self” align = “none” margin = “0px 0px 0px 0px”]’); ?>

You can get this shortcode from the plugin itself. Or the other way is you can also use the HTML code from the plugin and insert it in your theme file.

Let me know if you need more help

Thank You

Hi, would all the icons have to load for the site for visitors? or only the ones marked with star will load on the site? Thanks

No. Only selected icons load.

All icons in the app are divided in various groups or categories. All these categories are small files each. Each category is a set of different icons.

So when using on site, only the particular category file is loaded, from which you embed the icon and NOT ALL icons.

It is designed to not to effect the speed of the site or the loading time.

Thank you Jay

Hi Jay! Love the plugin! Is there any way I can change the default icon styling or save my favorite style(s)?


Hi Jay! Thank you so much! I will test it again! Should I download the plugin again, or is it going to show in WP auto-updates?

You will have to download again and upload. May be in next update I give you that option too. ;)

thank you


no problem! I will do that and tell you how it works :)

Hi Jay again! I think that I bump into a bug in your plugin. It effects displaying couple of other functions in WP. When “5,000+ Vector Icons Plugin” is active, it effects display of new plugin info (in plugin install section) by adding a strange white space into display space. Depending on how much info the plugin offers this field gets larger and pulls everything on side. Also it makes Jatpack’s “Add contact form” impossible to use, because I can’t see and edit the fields. I can’t move the displayed window, so it is useless.

I guess it must be some CSS or some other function in your plugin that overwrite these others. Just to show you what exactly I mean here are screen pics: above is Jetpack “Add contact form” and bellow is the “New plugin info” in “Add new plugin” section:

With “5,000+ Vector Icons Plugin” active, it looks like this:

Deactivating “5,000+ Vector Icons Plugin”, it looks like it should:

I searched the cause of this bug for quite some time, deactivated all my plugins, and turned on one by one until I found that it is “5,000+ Vector Icons”. Could you please try to fix this!

Thank you so much! :)

Yeah ok. The pop up size goes larger. Got it. Will fix it up. Thank You for pointing it out. Jay

Thanks a lot! :)

Fixed in the update. Please get it. Thank You.


Thank you Jay for great support! You fixed everything I asked! Plugin is great and working perfectly! I gave it 5 stars! :)

Great. Thank you so much. :)

Now you can also try out SET 2 (new release).

SET 2 is new set of 5000 icons. So in total they make now 10,000.

Enjoy ;)

Jay, this plugin has major styling issues. From the alignment perspective to sizing. It seems like you have done some updates to correct the center align issue 3 months ago but I don’t think that has fixed the issue. Why icons are set to float left? Also it is almost impossible to use multiple icons in one page and get them all the same size. This could be a great plugin if you could solve these issues. Kindly let me know if there is an update for the mentioned issues.


Margin and alignment settings in the plugin solve this issue of yours. This thing has been resolved in last update itself.

thank you

I’m unsure if this plugin is still being support or what not.

But is it possible to add text over the vector icons, and have the vector icons serve as a background image?

Or would that involve CSS work?


I dont think that vector icon can be added in a background.

But you can do it by setting z-index of your text layer and icon layer using CSS. thnks


I have a widget where I need to give a link to an icon that shall show up. Can I use these icons like that? These will not be files in my wp-content?


You can use the shortcode in widget provided if your themes allows to display shortcode in the widget. thanks

Hi there, quick pre-purchase question. Does this plugin function with/in a visual composer environment? More specifically, with this theme – Thanks!

It works like a normal shortcode implementation. Thank you

Hello, this is a pre-purchase question. Does this plugin include a group of icons related to engineering/construction?

It includes most of the icons from various industries. In case if you want i will send the enginering and contruction icons after you purchase. After purchasing send your purchase code and i will send you required icons integrated in this plugin. Thank you


I’m not sure how to search to see, but does this pack include icons for property management? Like beds, wifi, laundry, shower etc? Thanks!

Yes. It does. Thanks