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I need a help with facebook posting, I sent you a message just I didnt know from where to get Purchase Code so now you see me as purchased so please answer my ticket

ok please follow up on your ticket.

Hi. I noticed some of the quizes in the pack are not showing on our site.. Our site is only showing like 32. I looked in the admin and all the 50 quizes are set to be visible to users.


great thanks


I’m getting error when I trying to save any change in on of you quizzes package. When I tried to change one of the 4 quizzes that came along SocioQuiz, it works normally. But when I try to change your quizzes, I get error.

You can see the images - one I try to save a update in one of your quizzes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgqmn2qls72p0wu/Captura%20de%20Tela%202016-05-02%20%C3%A0s%2014.42.21.png?dl=0

- one I try to save a update in one of SocioQuiz quizzes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rojoez4glmousyg/socio%20ok.png?dl=0

Please help. regards


It looks like you SSH files on your server or files were uploaded by different user.

To fix that you need to correct user of all files and also correct file permission. this error occur when script tries to create thumbnail of quiz and due to permissions it promote error.

For further help please create ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com


Hi there I get a MySQLi is not enabled on your server. error when trying to import, but the script is installed and working perfectly?

importer needs mysqli please enable it and script will work fine.

Hello i have script socio born v 1.2.0 my question is if buy this pack how i can install in my web site ??

documentation is included in package

Ok thank . I need pack for 20 quiz how much??

we don’t have quiz back of 20 quizzes, if you need custom quizzes then contact here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

Hi @Author is there any way to remove “Created by scotto at PlayBuzz” from quiz ?

Hi, yes you can edit quiz and remove that.

Interested to buy this but how quiz will be upload it manually one by one or do you have any database import?

we have created import quizzes page where you can import all at once or selected ones only. Its your choice…

Does it work with Wordpress sites? What kind of website is your product compatible to? Is it possible for me to create my own quiz or I can only buy from specific content providers? Thanks.

Pack is an addon and its not compatible with wordpress.. and addon is for socioquiz item available on codecanyon.

Hello, I have a question regarding copyright. I went through PlayBuzz’s website and it doesn’t seem like they provide you the rights to resell their content. Did you acquire such rights? I think it would be great if we could get someone from Envato to comment on this. This question is left unanswered on another pack. Also, bornsocio apparently had a 100 question pack once but removed it since, which raises further questions about the content here.

If you need copyrights detail create ticket and we can provide you details. BTW playbuzz is a community website…

sorry i dont see it happening in near future..

hlo, i want to buy 3 quiz packs along with all other quizes in your posted website.i want to buy it now immediately.what is the exact price for all 3quiz packs+all quizes in u r website.please contact me divyasri879401@gmail.com

please check your ticket.

Is the text on photos are editable?

on most of the images text is on solid color strips that you can remask and make text changes. but no PSD’s included in any pack.

Hey Hello, am running the Socio Quiz latest version script and I wanted to know if there is a plugin am to buy to import your quizes, and if so kindly let me see, if not how do I upload them incase I bought them

Hello, You do not need any additional plugin, just socioquiz and quiz pack.

In all quiz packs there is documentation available in which it is explained how to upload and import quizzes. Yet if you face any difficulty you can contact us @ https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com