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Nice addon, keep going :)

thanks :)

Can I modify and create new quiz?

ofcourse Yes!

hello you could create a personality test that you mosta along with the photo of facebook User

Here is an example http://br.vonvon.me/quiz/112

You can create one for me and what value that will charge me Thank you

difficulty installing someone help me

Hello, First of all quiz pack is an addon, You will need the license of socioquiz and once you have socioquiz installed simply follow instructions in Quiz Pack documentation.

Hello bcstatic

I really enjoyed your QUIZ, and I want to try back-end to try create Quiz.

Can you give me back-end or show me back-end’s screenshot?

Quiz pack is an addon for socioquiz.

Do you have any dog related quizzes?

There are few quizzes that are animal related. If you want you can order custom quizzes pack. Contact us here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

hi I would like to purchase your quiz pack but I don’t like the ones you have. can I get custom quiz pack? want it to be Christian related along with some other quiz. Let me explain what I am doing. my main site is a Christian related site (I will use the social quiz site as an addon domain). therefore I want quizzes that would match my audience. not all of them have to be Christian related, can have some quiz eg what kind of parent are you, what coffee are you etc some of the ones you have in all 3 packs I don’t like buzzfeed has some quiz that I like also. how much would be the cost for 50 quiz?


check status on your ticket please.

What about making buzzy script pack?

what is buzzy script?

thanks for letting us know. We will think about it.

Turkish language support?

you can edit quizzes to translate.

It can be translated? images can be edited?

in pack you get all contents in English for any other language you will have to edit quizzes. No PSD included in pack.

Whats up with the “Created by … at PlayBuzz”. Can I remove this or is it copyrighted? Can I change text, images etc?

custom pack for what?

custom quizzes pack

send support ticket for custom pack and leave n/a in purchase code. i will tell support team not to delete your ticket.

Did you not go a pack for site like this : http://quizzscriptclone.cf/index.php

quiz pack is available for item which is available on Envato.

Hi, do you have permission from playbuzz to sell their quizzes? I don’t fancy getting a lawyers letter from them if I publish them on my site.

Hello. Do your test support language files (.mo, .po) and strings that can be translated through poedit? That is really important for me. I want to buy all 3 test packs from you. Also I would need the .PSD of the test images to translate them in multiple languages. Are those included in the package?

Hello, unfortunately there are not language files. In quiz pack quizzes are as is and to translate you will have to edit one by one. Also PSD’s are not included in package.

And all the pictures are in English right?

Yes English only.

hello is it possible without question like namestests,meaww.com or http://en.heroquizz.com if possible then i buy it now

hlo sir i want to buy 3 socio quiz packs along with all quizes in u r site+socio quiz php script at price $60.please contact immediately.i wnt to buy now

hello, quiz packs are priced $60 and socio quiz script is sold separately. prices are final.

Is it possible to check admin area? I need to build my custom pack and would like to see if admin panel allows such option. Thanks

For custom order and questions please contact our support desk: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com


voudini Purchased

I uploaded to public/drive/ and public/content/media/* – I visit the public/drive/import.php and it says “Looks like your SocioQuiz is not properly installed or you have uploaded import quiz on wrong path. Database file doesn’t exist”

please create ticket for solution to this error.https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com


thepros Purchased

Great! New import.php works perfect! Thank you for the great packs! Will you be doing more? Or are you for hire?

yes you can contact support and get your custom packs ready. https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com


thepros Purchased

Great, thank you so much!