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I have made a ticket with your support site, I installed following your directions and it has caused my site to have multiple errors.

please follow up on your ticket.

Hi, confused of what exactly this is. Is the plugin itself like a buzfeed clone, or just the quizes? meaning, does the plugin ust have quiz features? the site link you showed appears to be entire theme with quiz features. thanks

Hi, Its just an addon for script buzzy and includes only quizzes. Please read description carefully.

Hi, Is the $25 ticket refundable if the script doesn’t work? Can I add the script to my site as a quiz section?

Hi, If script doesnt work, you can contact our support for help. If you already have buzzy script and the addon then YES you can import quizzes. Refund is not in our control and its not possible.

So the support costs more than the script and there’s no guarantee that it is going to work. I’ll request a refund.

Cost of support is included in the price of item. You don’t have to pay anything to get support and who said there is no guarantee about the script?

You never contacted us regarding any issue so how you can say that? If you are facing any difficulty please contact support here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

hi are u saying u copied quizzes from playbuzz.com and offered it for sale here?

does the quiz get updated? or its just one time quiz of 50?

In updats there will be only code changes no mew quizzes

turkish support?

You will have to translate yourself.

hello after uploading files , and accessing to drive/import.php i got a bank page !!

hello, please submit ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

Would like to buy this, but a bit reluctant after seeing the comments and users getting blank pages after installing. Can’t afford my site going down for even 5 minutes. Also, we’re using Buzzy v1.3.2. Decided not to upgrade since we already made too many modifications. Will this work with this version? Thanks.

yes its compatible with buzzy 1.3.2 and the blank page reports are not related to buzzy site that issue is reported for importer.

Hi, I will buy this pack but it’s not working. Please fix it. I will be waiting

please check your ticket