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Really cool item here, all the styles look really unique. It’s a great way to make your site stand out while still having the power of Google Maps.

Well done, Oisin

Am I able to edit the color schemes?

Sure. You have a whole documentation to explain you how to do + the source code for each color scheme.

cool item. however it is regular licensed, is that mean that it cannot be used in a product which will be sold further?


Check this extract from the license details : http://codecanyon.net/licenses/regular_extended

f. You may use the Work in a work which you are creating for your own purposes or for your client who has asked you to create it.

g. You must not incorporate the Work in a work which is created for Resale by you or your client.

Looking great, especially Fresh!

Is this allowed by Google for Google Maps? I don’t want to lose adsense revenue because of it.


I am glad you like. Sure it is authorized. It is a built-in feature from Google Maps API v3.

I just rated it 5 stars. Great out of the box themes. I used the “old” one here http://cafeee.com/mapa/

Glad you like it. Thank you for the reference, this old style fits well on your website.

I’m sure this can be used on Wordpress but I don’t know where to start. Have you thought about doing this as a plugin or writing instructions on how to do it? I just purchased it not realising that I couldn’t just plug it in to Wordpress


Well if you do a bit of code it would not be too hard to integrate to WP. I will also make a wordpress plugin soon.

Hello again,

I started to create the wordpress plugin for this product. Would you tell me how you would like to use it ? What would be your use case ?

Hi Locace,

I want to integrate a custom marker on your map ( with my longitude and latitude), do you know how to do it?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi, Does this plugin allow me to change the theme on google static maps? If so how would I approach it?

Hi Locace, I’ve just purchased this item – thanks so much!

Is it possible to integrate this with jQuery?

Would appreciate a response, thanks!


Locace, sorry, I should’ve been more specific. Could you give me some pointers on how to integrate the themes with the jquery gmap plugin (http://www.smashinglabs.pl/gmap)?

Specifically, I tried defining the styles variable inside the $.fn.gMap.defaults object but it didn’t work.

Thanks so much,


Hello, I need to know how to add a “Marker” on a card with your theme.

Is it possible to style the my maps if they’re embedded in an iFrame? Can you give me instructions? Thanks

Hi there – great plugin! Having trouble with the UI though – not rendering properly.

Using most current version of wordpress, chrome and safari.


Hi. I got it working great, but I can’t figure out how to set the zoom or to add a map marker. I saw your earlier response to Matofluo’s question, but I can’t figure out where to add the script that you linked to.

I too am unclear about how to add a simple default map marker/related popup. Thanks in advance.


I would like to use one of your beautifull map themes style, maybe the grey, over the actual map on


I tried to install it but I was no lucky. Do you have a clue how I can do it?

Thank you very much in advance

Abílio Faria


I bought some map making tools but am having difficulty.

How do I ad pins to multiple locations in on big global map?

Like this one? http://www.fosterandpartners.com/projects/map/

Just a pointer to resources where I can learn to do this would be great.

Please tell me how can I get those ZOOM buttons like in the maps in your index.html (I mean the documentation).

Can you help me make sure this is installed correct? I have the .js called in index.html. My google map api code is in a /js/map.js file, which has this code:

initialize: function() { $( "#result_count" ).html(""); geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder(); var myOptions = { zoom: MapsLib.defaultZoom, center: MapsLib.map_centroid, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN, styles: gmapNightStyle, }; map = new google.maps.Map($("#map_canvas")[0],myOptions); map.setTilt(45); map.setOptions({ styles : styles });