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Can you tell me how to add Admob Ads for this game?

Write to my mail.

very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

do you have any documentation on how to reskin the app

Yep, you can make this. If you need help, write me. Also I open to freelance work.

just made purchase I will contact you soon for custom development work

Okay, I’m wait, thanks :)

Need help implementing IAds, Please reply my email

Is this a clone/re-make of a popular game? If so, which one?

No, it’s my idea.

How do I change IAD ids?

See in settings file

How can I change the splash screen?

Go to LaunchScreen.storyboard

How can I change to 4Sides home screen logo? What about the icon?

See xcasets files

Is it possible to implement 4 different options? (instead of 2)

Yes, It’s possible if you know coding. If you need help I open for freelance work, I can make unique game for you!