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My Icons Are Not Showing up Both in the Front End and in the Back End!

If you have both the 4k Icon free version and 4k Icon paid/pro version activated, please deactivate the free version. Those two are not do not work well together.

I am getting a “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.” error when installing the plugin.

You are trying to install the wrong zip file. The main package that you got from CodeCanyon contains additional stuff in it like documentation. Unzip that main package first, then you should find the actual plugin zip file inside.

I can’t see any of the icons, I can only see squares!

Download the whole package and not just the main plugin. The main package contains some font pack plugins that you’ll also need to install and activate.

Why is 4K Icons split into so many separate plugins?

We have a ton of font icons in our arsenal. And because of our huge inventory, including all of those font icons increased the total file size of the plugin. Since most WordPress installations use the default PHP upload limit of 2mb, a lot of people were experiencing upload errors (The “Are you sure you want to do this?” WordPress message).

To get around this 2mb limit, we have split 4K Icons into smaller files:

  • 1 main plugin, and
  • 5 (or more) font pack plugins

You’ll have to install & activate all of those plugins to make 4K Icons work properly.

I’m Having Trouble Uploading the Plugin!

If you’re having trouble uploading the plugin to your site, it’s because the plugin is quite large (but don’t worry, this has nothing to do with your page loads). In some WordPress configurations, the file may be too large for the defined PHP limit.

To get around this:

  1. Get the plugin zip file (the one you tried uploading to WordPress), then unzip it in your computer. You should get a folder named 4k-vc-icon-shortcode,
  2. Use an FTP client (like Filezilla for Windows or Transmit for Mac) and log into your web host where your WordPress installation is,
  3. In FTP, navigate to your site’s mywebsite_html/wp-content/plugins directory, and upload the folder that you got when you unzipped the plugin: 4k-vc-icon-shortcode. You should get a directory mywebsite_html/wp-content/plugins/4k-vc-icon-shortcode afterwards,
  4. When the upload is complete, go to your WordPress admin and you should be able to see the plugin 4k Icons for Visual Composer in your list of installed plugins. Activate it, and you’re done!

I’m Getting A “Are You Sure You Want to Do This?” When Uploading the Plugin!

Please see the previous answer.

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