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Where is the list of shortcodes? Can´t find it. No docs on this in the delivery.

Hi there! The list of shortcodes are in our Live Preview:

You can also click on the Launch Demo and copy our Sample Shortcodes via backend as reference.

Happy Holidays! :)

Hello, I tried your demo.. unable to add hyperlink to icon, or rather link does not work in preview. Also there seems to be no simple icon color change on hover option, which to me seems so basic an option to have. Is this plugin still developed or is this a dying project. Thx

Hi there,

Pre-sale question. UberMenu has a lackluster amount of icons (total of 50). Will I be able to use the icons in your plugin for my UberMenu?


We are interested in purchasing 4K. Can you tell me if the font awesome address-card is part of the package?

When I try to add 4k icons it freezes wordpress and makes my CPU usage go crazy high..

When I try to activate the main plugin ZIP in the download package, I get the following error (please help!):

Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_shortcode_param() in /nas/content/staging/hubstor/wp-content/plugins/4k-icons/4k-vc-icon-shortcode.php on line 110

It has been a few days now and no reply. I am thinking that if there is no response by next week, I will be in touch for a refund.

OK, not cool. Purchased. Supported. Errors. Never works. Post on this comments board and no reply.

Hello there gbourgeois! I’m very sorry for the really late reply.

We already have a fix for this issue and we’ll update the plugin really soon. But if you want to get your new copy asap, we recommend you to file a ticket to our Support Site at so we can send you an e-mail reply.

We check our tickets actively, so we’ll be able to reply right away. Thank you!


Bonsay Purchased

Hello – Our website crashes under VC 5.2. It is at the icon for VC. Error found, it was the plugin 4k Icons for Visual Composer. Deactivated and everything is fine.

It crashes with Js Composer 5.2…

Hello there, we have an update on the fixes for this issue. We’ll upload it soon, but if you want to grab your copy asap, please file a ticket to our Support Site at so we can reply you an e-mail with the new copy. Thanks!

I am also getting the error mentioned by others related to the new version of VC. However, I think my theme requires 4k icons or something because when I disable 4k icons, My website works again, but I can’t log into wordpress. Can you please fix this error? Thank you!

Hi starloft, we’re very sorry about the errors. We’ll upload a new version really soon. But I advice you to file a ticket in our Support Site at so we can send you an e-mail reply with the new copy in advance.

I tried to install the plugin as described but then crashed my WordPress. Manually removing the entire plugin folder from my FTP was the only way to restore the site….

Hello Sylvia, we kindly ask you to file a ticket to the Support Site so we can send you an e-mail with a new copy of 4K Icons. I’m really sorry about this issue. :(

No set themify icons

Hey there! Themify have their own icon plugin. :) But given if themify icons would allow to use their icons for the 4K icon pack, we’d consider this in the collection.

I also have this problem. But what I can tell you is, that 4k icons is working together with visual composer 5.1.1. It also does not work with visual composer 5.1.2. So you should find out why …

no answer here from the author? No update ? really pitty. What should we do with a non working plugin?

Hey Andreas, we’re very sorry about the late replies. We already have a fix for this one though. We’ll update the plugin page soon, but we kindly request you to file a ticket to our Support Site at so we can reply you an e-mail with the new copy of 4K Icons. Thanks!!

Unfortunately ~ I had to take take screen crabs of the icons with the ‘older VC’ turned on…and then made images work instead, and then deactivated this plugin.

Hi there, assuming that you still have the plugin issue, we kindly ask you to please file a ticket to our Support Site ( so we can send you a new fixed copy of 4K Icons. I’m really sorry for the difficulties you’ve encountered.

I bought it yesterday but is not working. When I click to add the icon nothing happens.

Hello there! I’m very sorry for the late response. We have a problem with receiving notifications about the comments. We just want to let you know that we recently updated the 4K Icons plugin which will fix all the problems some of our users encountered. If you have any question or concerns, please let us know.

It will be better if you could file a ticket to our Support Site at replies are usually sent within the office hours. :)

Hello friends, a few minutes ago install the plugin “4k-icons-for-VC”, fortunately install it, and is displayed to insert a “4k Icon” icon, the problem I have is that when I add a 4k icon, I do not see the settings to insert, the loading wheel appears, loading, but it never ends loading, help please

Hey Marco! :) We want to let you know that we received your Support Ticket and sent a reply to it. Please check your e-mail (or spam folder) as soon as you can. Just some heads up as well that we might need to ask for your login in case the problem still persists. Thanks! :)

Hi, i’m looking for number icons. So the icon 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc. Are these included in this addon?

Demo isn’t working? I don’t see 4k icons in the list of elements.

The demo should be working properly, clicking on the launch demo will take a while (like 3-5 seconds) to generate a sandbox backend to check the settings with. :)


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Hi, just got this error message after installing.You are missing 5 required font pack(s) for the 4k Icons plugin, they are not activated or installed. The font packs are included in the package downloaded from CodeCanyon. Click here to go to the plugins page to install or activate it.

I click on activate, and I am taking nowhere! Regards

Hi there! We’re sorry for the late response. In order to get the Icon Packs, you need to download the All Files and Documentation of 4K Icons. In the zip file, there will be a folder named Plugin where the actual plugin files are located.

If you have any other problems or questions about the plugin, it will be best to file a ticket to our Support Site at so we can help you better. :)


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is there a way to get these icons to appear in the WPBakery Icon Font Manager?

Or have the library to choose from in the dropdown list where it says: “Icon to display:” –