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Is it support RTL ?

RTL languages are not supported right now, but if you want I can add RTL support with an update.

Can import in eclipse ??

You can’t import the project into Eclipse. But any simple or complex text editor for example like Atom Editor will do the job. I explained every steps needed to jump into a quick start, customize and build the game in easy and fast steps in the documentation. If you still will need any support I always will help from here through comments.

plz add RTL languages support

I will take a look and add RTL languages support as soon as possible.

Can this be published to ios app store ?

Yes, it can be published to App Store. But please be aware that you need an Apple Developer Account and a Mac to build the game for iOS devices. You can check this page for more details.

NOT : If you are planning to use it for App Store, I need to make a small and fast addition to the source code to support Game Center for Leaderboards. If you purchase the item let me now and I will help you as soon as I can to add Game Center Support.

bana ula??r m?s?n almak isterim skype: ucuztakipcim facebook.com/1adem2

I added you on facebook. I can answer all of your questions about my item. Just write me.

Hi can i use other languages like TAMIL? and can i have more than 4 words?

For more than 4 letters, again the source code need to be modified accordingly. After this you can have more than 4 letters like 5 or 6 etc.

Thanks for the reply. Tamil for a letter uses minimum 4 English letters. So options are few and I have wasted enough time. As I asked pl. Give me code so that I load all images referred by numbers or letters (I think numbers best suited as we have 247 letters in all in Tamil). If you can I will buy immediately. And can I have some unused options to confuse like in 3 by 3 grid I load 9 images and player has to select only 4 which is the given answer.

Nowadays, I am working on some other projects so I am really busy. For this addition(the whole base of the project needs to be changed) it is not the right time for me. I am planing to add RTL languages support soon. After this update I am not sure if I can have enough time to work on the project for your request. I am sorry.

kelimeler turkce mi yoksa bizmi ceviricez

There are different words files for each supported language. Just to show an example for you I added 30 words for each one for now. You can increase number of words as you wish. If you want you can easily add support for other languages. I explained all the steps in the documentation.

(in Turkish) Oyunda her dil için farkl? dil dosyalar? vard?r. Sadece örnek amaçl? 30 ar kelime ekledim ?imdilik. Kelime say?s?n? istedi?iniz kadar artt?rabilirsiniz. ?sterseniz di?er diller için de rahatl?kla dil deste?i ekleyebilirsiniz. Rahatl?kla kelimeleri de?i?tirebilmeniz için bütün ad?mlar? dökümanda anlatt?m.

Hi! Does it support special HU characters? (eg. ?ÖÜÚÁ…), or can i set character coding somewhere?

Hi! My item supports special HU characters. I already handled it :) you don’t need to set character coding. Check screenshots below.



Hello! I have found a bug in the game: if you try to use more than 4 hints (obviously by accident, but still…), you get an error.


I purchased the app and customised it but leaderboards is not working. It is also not working in your demo apk.

Can you help for this thanks

Hi, How can I change the letters because i want to change the game to french? Can you help for this thanks

You can change letters. There are some lines in the source code that I defined letters to be used.

hi, Is it support arabic language RTL ?

RTL languages are not supported right now, sorry for inconvenience..

its amazing work mate

Thanks mate! :)

can I have an Arabic version? if that impossible, I would love if could tell me if this sdk can be reskined using eclipse