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Hello, Can it be translated ?

Hi! Yes you can translate the game texts in the CLang.js file and the Quiz Answers in the QUIZLogic.json file contained in the json folder

how to add new levels?

Hi! to add new levels you have to modify the game’s code. If you want you can hire us to do it for you

How do I contact you for customization?

Hi! For any customization you can write us a list of your requirements at support@codethislab.com

Good game! Cannot share or ask for help?

Hi! what do you exactly mean by share and ask for help? Share score on social networks and hint to guess the word?

like leaving the game in one language: Spanish ?. as you can do?

Hi! To leave the game in one language we have to modify the code. For further info about this customization, write at support@codethislab.com

Hi Is the game support chinese?

Hi! you can change the font with one that supports chinese.

To change the Font you have two ways:

1) Add <link href=’https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> in <head> section in index.html Follow this option If you want to use one of the Google Font (Open Sans is just an example, replace it with the font you want to use)

2) change PRIMARY_FONT in settings.js like:

var PRIMARY_FONT = “Open Sans”;

If you want to embed your font into the game without using Google online font, you have to convert your font file into the following file types: .ttf, .eot, .svg, .woff. , .woff2 .

You can use web font generator like:


Hi, can the images and answers be easily changed?

yes! You can easily change all the game graphic, replacing all the file you need in the ”/sprites” folder. Just respect file format (.png or .jpg) and size if you don’t want to change any code line. And you can modify all the answers in the Json file.

I see some notes that the pictures are copyrighted? Do you own them? Can I leave them in the game or do I need to replace them?

they are free images whose source must be quoted to use them for commercial purposes

Hello, thanks for this great template! – I added more levels and evertthing working perfect!

I will like know if is posible this: When a user leave the game and load or reload the page the game start again from “level 1”. I will like when the users close the game and play again, the next time, can starting from the last level. I say to the level closed or “level x” – the “x” is the last played level. Its this possible?

Best Regards

hi! we replied to your pm

Hi, can I ask if I can change the colour of the background and the letters box?

hi! You can easily change all the game graphic, replacing all the file you need in the ”/sprites” folder. Just respect file format (.png or .jpg) and size if you don’t want to change any code line.

Can i see demo ? on web ?

how to create questions?

to create questions you have to change the json file http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/4images_1word/json/QUIZLogic.json and add the new images in the “sprite” folder

Do you have idea how to port this game to Android and iOS ?

some of our customers use tools like Phonegap Cordova or Iudei to make an app out of our games. But since it’s something we don’t deal with, we can’t offer support, and we can’t be held responsible for eventual issues during the porting operation.

i will porting later, However I want to make it just one image to guess instead of 4 images. Can you help me on this ?

Hi, to make it with one image we have to customize the game. For further info, write at support@codethislab.com

Need support: Just bought and both the live preview and game outputs a blank game page – please help (Screenshot: https://snag.gy/S70vm9.jpg)

its ok solved, read the note on the main page but not on documentation: “Level’s loading is managed by JSON.Chrome, for some security policies, doesn’t allow this kind of loading, locally.”

hi! Thank you for purchasing our game! for any concern feel free to write us at support@codethislab.com

Hi codethislab, thanks for the welcome message, its an awesome game and i am reskinning it as we speak. Just sent a support email to you under my email on a matter i am having some issues on and hope for a favorable reply soon. God bless codethislab!

support right to left when create the word??

hi! words are created writing from the left to the right

may be used more than 1 project?

Hi, you should buy a license for every project

Hello games in html do not work, do not load please help

hi, are you trying to launch the game locally?