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Hi, I’m getting this error after importing to Android Studio:

Can you tell me how to fix this?

Awesome app btw :)

Awesome! Thanks for all the help! :grin:


I was trying to add a library to the project. It asked me to copy the library jar file in “libs” folder but I couldn’t find any such folder. Any idea where I should copy library jar files?


You can create it if you need and put jars there. But I think you need also add dependencies into “build.gradle” file

How can i change the package name?

Can I slow Down the game speed, colors come too fast and it makes too hard. If yes then I’ll buy it.

In the source you can change rotation speed and balls speed:
final float BALL_SPEED = 10f; // ball speed
final float ROTATION_SPEED = 9f; // circle rotation speed in degrees

I bought the game can not do reskin can do and I paid the part . can make reskin I paid part .

He does not log on google alone

Hello. Can I change the package name on the Android Studio? If so, how do I do? Thanks.

@OlDenWeb Hi I want to change shape from circle to square Plese suggest how to do it

Can I also control Admob interstitial frequency? I don’t want to see it again and again every time.

Hello. I Can’t editing. Help me pls. Contact me with email pls asim.abdullazade1@gmail.com

i have intrested this app please provide me a demo app

Demo will be available soon

Which folder contains the Android Studio Project?

I am not satisfy with this product and still you refuse to give me a refund.

Probably you need the 18 dollars more than me.

Bad business model

The source is fully worked now and I asked you two times to download the archive again. Did you do it?

The source was worked always, but you want to build it with a new Gradle version, and I change it for you. I don’t understand what problem do you have now.

Couldn’t build the project

This item has been updated a few days ago. Please download the archive again.

If you don’t want to give me a refund, fine. I paid for a product that was suppose to work the first time. As a customer I am not suppose to do product testing and quality control until the product works. I am not satisfied and asking for a refund.

The source was worked the first time too. And problem was not in the source but in version of used Gradle in Android Studio. But if you don’t understand this simple things so I think that you want to get the source for free.

I can’t get the leaderboards to work with google play services. It keeps saying

“Failed to sign in. Please check your network connection and try again.”