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cool stuff! GLWS

cool stuff! GLWS

Hi there, which camera did you use for the demo shot?

Photos from demo was created with help of big good camera :) Each photo is composed from many photos of different angles and united with help of free program “Image Composite Editor (ICE)”

Your code is really amazing, I’m convinced that these technologies will have a boom in the near future. Good luck!

Thanks, you too! :)

Hi, is it responsive?

- iphone - android - windows - desktop - tablets

work with all platform at responsive sizes & touchable ?

And it only Adobe Muse ? Or Java for all platform ?

And do you can add this panoramas with mp3? (Sound)

Hi, it script is full responsive & adaptive! You can try it on preview-page (http://musecafe.ru/3d-panorama-hero.html). It is no “Adobe MuseWidget”. It is JavaScript plugin for integration in the all sites. Plugin contains in two parts: Player and Visual Constructor. Yes, i can make support of sound. I will make it in the next Releases :)

Hi, great script! were waiting for smth like this for a long time. Question before buying: can I load panoramic images taken on my mobile? Is it should be professional images only or I can load not 360 degree but 180 degree photos? Will they take into the sphere?

Разрешенные файлы для загрузки: “jpg”, “jpeg”, “gif”, “png”. Для использования в качестве панорамы: “jpg”, “jpeg”

Добавил, все получилось. Сейчас проблема в том что фотография в длину 360 а в высоту нет, поэтому когда она входит в сферу то получается не так. Возможно ли из сферы сделать по высоте ниже и короче? Вы можете посмотреть, я закачал фото и протестировать тогда поймете

Для поддержки простых панорам необходимо заменить сферу на цилиндр + немного переделать управление. Возможно в будущем я это реализую.

Здравствуйте. Могу ли я получить демо-доступ для загрузки фотографий? Мне бы посмотреть, какой формат фотографий требуется и как мои будут выглядеть.

Вы можете загрузить ваши фотографии в файловом менеджере конструктора (Add Panorama -> Upload) и увидеть результат. Для данного скрипта фотографии должны быть сферическими панорамами ( 2:1 360х180 градусов)

before i buy this plugins does it have a documentations?

yes, it have a full documentation with 4 examples of use

Hi there, thank you for creating this plugin. Would it be possible to drag and drop 3d or cut out images onto the 360 tour. For example, if I had a bedroom tour, I would be able to drag and drop a type of bed, rug, window etc.

If not, would you able to develop that add on? and how much would that cost. Or do you know of a plugin where I am able to do this?.

many thanks in advance for any help

Oh I have just seen you do have that option in the preview, thank you for this amazing plugin!!.

I just have one more question then. I’m wanting for my website users to be able to drag and drop the items onto the 360 room image themselves. Would this be possible?, and if not at the moment. How much would you charge to develop this add on.

many thanks in advance

Hi, i’m want create the functional for easy creation the tooltips on each 3d photos, but now i very busy. maybe in next month i’ll create a new release of this plugin.


Gtechz Purchased

i was facing this error when save/load

Server Error: {Error way.",Code Created":null,Date Modified}}

Hi, you need to replace paths to 3d-tour constructor files on correct. From documentation:

Possible mistakes: Validate paths to “File manager” and your “3D_tours” folder if you have a problems with File manager. Check call of THREE.VTour_constructor.attach_to_instance Check the “fileRoot” property in “Filemanager/scripts/filemanager.config.json”

Note: Path to 3d-tours folder for THREE.VTour_constructor.attach_to_instance need to start and end with /

Regards, Muse_Cafe


Gtechz Purchased

3dtour hero script is having Browser Compatibility.Because chrome is not supported

Hi, it is possible to add video panorama 360? .mp4 for example? thanks in advance!

Hi, unfortunately no

Hi, can you please help me, I can not mmake it work in Chrome browser ! Also I can not make your constructor work… no panorama is uploading… My url : coteldesign.cfr/360/example_3d_tour_constructor.html

Already read the documention but still not working even if all paths look valid for me. juliencotel@wanadoo.fr

Hello again ! This morning I reallize that all issues come from CHROME browser !! Thanks again for your plugin, it work perfectly in edge or IE browser !

Please write to me what the problems you got in CHROME? That plugin is developed with help of CHROME and tested in it at first!

hello, I have two questions.. 1)I’ve bought the script and i’m wondering if there is a way I can save the 3d tour as a html file so my costumers can get a embed code after they’ve created a tour. (Now we have to follow some easy steps but is it possible to get it automated?

2) Do you have any updates on the tooltip function?

best regards

Сheck your mail!

Hi can you send a new mail to gregory.gilbert@telenet.be because I can’t seemed to find it in the other account!

ok, check your mail

Fantastic job



cwelt6 Purchased

Hi, I just bought this and can’t upload my images. When I click on add panorama in Edge it freezes and in Chrome a directory shows up. An upload screen doesn’t show up like your video shows.

Hi, you need to set a correct paths for Filemanager

first: Set “fileRoot” to ”<path from domain root>/3d_tours/” in Filemanager/scripts/filemanager.config.json

second: ””/<path from domain root>/3d_tours/” in next line in 3d_tour_constructor.html THREE.VTour_constructor.attach_to_instance(panorama_hero, “Filemanager”, ”/<path from domain root>/3d_tours/”

note: second path must starting with ’/’

Regards, Muse_Cafe

i think need more sensitive for mobile touch. Very hard rotates and forge auto-rotate. Disable auto-rotate? And When update for export html files?

I wait 8 months but not coming anything update.

Hi, script have a customized options, include rotate speed and auto-rotate speed.

I’ve done update for export, but have no time to write new documentation at now.

If you already have purchased item and want a new script without DOC (only base comments about use), please, send me a support message with purchase code and I will send you the script!

Regards, Muse_Cafe

Will you be having a wordpress version?

Also do you have the embed functionality to embed tours on external websites via iframes?

Lastly any ideas of having zoom transition affect?

Hi, no, I not plan to create a wordpress version. zoom-transition also not implemented.

Instaed of it I already create the embed code feature, vr, gyroscope mode, text tips and some features. This features are NOT included in purchase now, because I have no time for documenting. If you interested in it write me please with contact form on envato or musecafe.ru

Hi, I am posting rotation in a virtual tour json but it does not work! How can I do?https://www.homstate.it/property-detail.php?idimmo=62

I did so but it does not work: <script> });

// Check WebGL or Canvas2d Support
if (panorama_hero.panorama_possible) {


var container = document.getElementById(‘my_tour’); var panorama_hero = new THREE.Panorama_hero(container); panorama_hero.init({

auto_rotate_speed: true, hand_rotate_speed: true, zoom_speed: false, link_scale: 30, preloader_gif: ”/3d_tours/preloader.gif”,

canvas2d_if_no_webgl: true, panorama_impossible_class: “panorama_impossible”


// Check WebGL or Canvas2d Support if (panorama_hero.panorama_possible) {



Replied on your mail

Can I use a different source file from the file manager to upload images? You can prevent that with each save creates a new version? Thank you

Yes, you can use any way to place images in 3d_tours folder

Try to set “upload -> overwrite” to “true” in Filemanager/scripts/filemanager.config.json file for rewriting you uploading files