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Dear sir , i wanted to know how we can use this features means in wordpress or in php where we can use

Hello! Now this widget only for Adobe Muse. I plan to add this sourcec in HTML5 3D category! if you own programming, you will can add to WordPress or PHP. Let me know if you really need! In this case, I will try to do it as soon as possible

Will this Plugin work with 4K Gear 360 Photos?

Yes! Restrictions to photo depends of browsers. 8192×4096 for PC and 2048×1024 for mobile devices – is optimal sizes of 3d photos now. Samsung Gear 360 photos have 7776×3888 resolution. Do nothing with your photos for PC version of your site and resize photos with Photoshop for mobile devices for best performance and load speed!

Can I change the offset of the panorama to start rotation from a predefined angle? There is a way to do this even directly from source code?

Hi, unfortunately you can’t set custom cameras target now. I work with new widget release. That option will included in new features!


I solved by change

var a = new THREE.SphereGeometry(e, 50, 50);


var a = new THREE.SphereGeometry(e, 50, 50, 3.25);

(3.25 in my case)

Will there ever be a responsive version?

Can I use Panoramic photos taken with the Google Street View app camera?

Hi unfortunately your image isn’t a 360×180 panorama, so my script can’t show it normally without some modifications

Regards, Kiryl

Can you do some modifications to my image?

Some modifications for my script, not of your image. I can’t make a 360×180 panorama by your photo, because it not contains a zenit and nadir parts. You can try to find other 360×180 images in “google images” for use with my plugin! Regards, Muse_Cafe

Hello, is it possible to publish a flat (180°) pano with this as well?

Hello, unfortunately no

ok thank you, i’m still intresting by the 3D widget for my virtual visits. I need to find a 180° pano widget first (if you have an idea) and then i come to buy your widget. See you soon

I want to make that option, but it will be not in the near future. Thanks for interest for my product!


IDP360 Purchased

Hello, First of all, congratulations for your work! But, I have a problem with the Panorama-3D widget on my website. Everything works fine when the width of the screen is greater than 720px, however, the panoramas come out of the defined area below 720px, while everything is displayed very well on Muse. Do you have a solution for me? Here is my website: Looking forward to your return, Allan

Hello, I have answered you on email

Hello, I want to know if this plug-in support multiresolution or is it possible to embed krpano panorama file with this plug-in?

Hello, this plugin is adaptive and you can use all AdobeMuse options for manage size. You can see these options by adding any html insertion – plugin will have the same options too.

This plugin has no integration with krpano and other tour builders

do i need a special camera for this to work? I have an insta360

No, you don’t if your camera can take 360×180 panoramic photos. You can test your photos online at this page: