3D-Model Configurator & Viewer | Canvasio3DPro

3D-Model Configurator & Viewer | Canvasio3DPro

Canvasio3DPro is a professionell Tool to configure and present your 3D-Models in WordPress. Show your Models in the supported formats: .stl | .obj | .dae (Collada) and .fbx for 3D-Printing, engineering, or simple your Products as interactive 3D-Models in individuell Template layouts.

• Use your own 3D-Models in the format .stl | .obj & .mtl | .dae (Collada) | .fbx
• 3D-Models upload with the WordPress Media manager
• Modify your Models with Canvasio3DPro in your Dashboard
• Change the Environment for each Model: Reflection | Color | Image
• Configure the template styles for each Visitor Page
• Fast 3D-Graphics with WebGL, html5 and the Three.js Engine
• Supported languages: English, German, Chinese.

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Update in Version 1.8.6:
- Fixed some small errors and glitches
- .mtl Material for Background Models now loaded
- Switch for Background image corrected
- Transparency corrected when Ocean or Mirror floor loaded
- Fullscreen function for Iphone corrected
- Camera move with right mouse added in: Template / Setup

Update in Version 1.8.5:
- Three.js update to version 81
- Loader updated: dae, obj & mtl, stl
- New 3D-File format added: .fbx (with animation function)
- New 2D-File format added: .dds
- Material functions rectified
- New QubeMaps (Skyboxes) added

Update in Version 1.8.4:
- Frontend Template revised
- Template css optimize
- Bug in the Tag search function removed
- Zoom problem for mobiles removed

Update in Version 1.8.3:
- Camera controls: now 180° up- down rotation
- Camera controls: look left- right to model
- Woocommerce frontend template improved

Update in Version 1.8.2:
- Glitch in the Template Title removed
- Glitch in the Template Woocommerce infos removed
- CSS for Frontend optimize
- CSS for Backend improved
- Backend Menu improved
- Bug for Url with HTTPS:// removed
- Loading Error in some Theme removed
- Loading bar for the Backend rectified
- Function for multi languages added
- Function for Update information added
- Chinese languag added
- Documentation revised

Update in Version 1.8.1:
- Back-Arrow for the tag bar fixed
- Minor Css-Bug for the Slider removed
- Bug for loading of the Background image fixed
- Code optimize and speed improved
- Functions for the categorys improved
- Categorys selection for the template added

Update in Version 1.8.0:
- User file Upload functions now compleat
- Email to Admin after user upload added
- Older thumbnail Galerie removed
- New thumbnail slider added for the frontend (template)
- Text field for “Wellcome info” and function added
- Entrys for text fields in “XYZ” rectified
- Php-Code for frontend / template optimize
- Css-Code for frontend / template optimize
- Some bugs and glitches removed

Update in Version 1.7.7:
- Fixed a scaling issue with loaded sub model
- Bug in material loader fixed for transparency and reflection
- Admin-Menu / Environment: improved and icon selection added
- Admin-Menu: X|Y|Z: Reset function added
- Fixed an graphic issue, when a background image used
- Light sets revised and improved
- Floor maps added and improved
- Better reflection map added

Update in Version 1.7.5:
- Remove several bugs that crashed the model loading (Gray overlay in the backend)
- Sup model bug removed
- New function implemented to insert a second Model in the background
- Button for the template added to switch auto rotation on / off
- Auto-Thumbnail function and button added (Screenshot from the 3D-Window)

Update in Version 1.7.3:
- Css changed and optimize
- Remove a glitch for the thumbnail gallery
- cleanup and optimize Javascript
- Removed layout problems with some themes
- Zoom-Limit function added in: Template / 3D-Window

Update in Version 1.7.2:
- Css optimize
- Remove litte Bugs in Front- and Dashboard-functions
- cleanup Javascript
- Loader for the .dae format updated
- Animation functions for the .dae format added

Update in Version 1.7.0:
- Volume calculation for .stl Models added in Menu “Model Setup”
- Css/Js-Code optimize
- “Floor” for the 3D-Window added
- Shadow in Light Sets improved
- “Helper” for Shadow light added
- Ocean Sets improved
- Template menu: Mouse control removed
- “Auto model rotation” moved to template menu “3D-Window”
- Menu layout improved

Update in Version 1.6.8:
- Layout bug for FrontEnd / Info pannel removed

Update in Version 1.6.7:
- Starting Error solved for rarer PHP server configurations
- CSS in Bootstrap modified for Canvasio3D
- CSS for the frontend optimize
- Layout for the Buttons in the Frontend changed
- Upload Error for the background image removed
- Loading error resolved when all models entries were deleted

Update in Version 1.6.5:
- better template integration
- code optimize
- start problem for the backend solved
- css layout problem solved
- support function integriert

Update in Version 1.6.3:
- Loading of bootstrap rectified [fontend | backend]
- Bug for the upload Button in the fronend removed
- Ajax-Loading problem removed
- CSS for the frontend rectified
- Loading error for the backend menu fixed

Update in Version 1.6.2:
- Html-Glitches in the Frontend-Layout removed
- Response- and loading time improved
- Code optimized
- Bug for “Auto-Zoom” removed
- Switch-Error for Thumbnail-Boxen removed
- Layout glitch after loading for Mobile removed
- CSS for the Frontend revised

Update in Version 1.5.8:
- New Function added: Zip-File / 3D-Model Upload on Visiter-Page possible
- New Function added: Zip-File Upload in the Canvasio3DPro-Menu for 3D-Models
- New Function added: Object Auto-Zoom
- PHP- / Javascript-Code optimize
- Some CSS / Layout and Color glitches removed
- PHP-Installation Error solved

Update in Version 1.5.5:
- New integration of the better WordPress Media Manager
- Css for FrontEnd and BackEnd optimized
- WooCommerce Info added, if two Models in the 3D-Window loaded
- Better side integration for the 3D-Window in the FrondEnd
- Rare PHP-loading Error solved

Major Update in Version 1.5.0:
- Various CSS bugs fixed
- New documentation created
- Online Documentation integratet
- New Function to combine Models
- Tag Filter Added
- Model-Informations Added
- Admin-Roles / User Added
- Funktions for Image-Boxen have been revised
- Main Functions for Model-Loader revised
- Model-Loader complete revised .dae (Collada)
- Frontend Layout for a Info-Box added
- Backend Menus revised

Version 1.1.0:
- Crash-Handling for corrupted 3D-Files added
- Errors in the Dashboard-Menu removed (Buttons / Switches)

Version 1.0.8:
- Background-Glitch in the Dashboard-Menu removed
- Loader Function optimized
- CSS for the frontend optimized
- Title-Box for the frontend optimized
- Function: “File not found” added
- Add new function: shows Object-ID in the URL (Address-Bar)
- Animation can now used in .dae (Collada)

Version 1.0.7:
- Update to Three.js 71
- Fixed: Graphic glitch in Dashboard-Menu
- Fixed: Full Screen Switch Error
- Fixed: PHP Error in older Php-Version
- Fixed: Loading Error in some Mobile Devices
- New: Different Ocean- / Water-Backgrounds

Version 1.0.5:
- Function added: Menu Buttons for the Front- / Visitor page
- Function added: Fullscreen for the Visitor page
- Code optimize: Javascript | CSS

Version 1.0.4:
- Bug removed: wrong setting was loaded for “shine”

Version 1.0.3:
- Bug Removed in PHP-Script
- Add a new Reflection-Set “Rainbow”
- Add new 3D-Format: .dae (Collada)