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Very cool and imaginitive use of css3 that, to make the look, good luck with sales.

Thank you, after many hours of coding and changing we hope this final effect imitate 3D very well.

Hello, I was hoping if you could give me a private working demo link where I can see this preview live? for a short time, less than 5 minutes for sure.

My email is: brian.cherdak@gmail.com

Hello BrianCherdak,

we are sorry but as you know CSS code is easy to copy&paste and there is no secure way to show live code. Giving you or any other person here live code is like giving this item for free, no offense.

However maybe better quality video preview can be seen directly on screenr – http://www.screenr.com/WHds

Buttons will work same in your browser as they do in video preview as long as you use browser that supports CSS3 – check table in item description.

Nice! Good luck with sales!

Thank you!

Awesome work, good luck whit sales! Can you tell us the awesome song you used in the demo video please? Thanks!

Thank you for seeing buttons. Unfortunately song was played on radio so I can’t tell you name of it. Check di.fm electro house channel, maybe you hear it again.

how it is working for ie 8 ?

Hi acido255.

Unfortunately IE8 doesn’t support CSS3 , and buttons doesn’t work well in this browser. However using CSS3 PIE for IE may mimic CSS3 look in IE8 . We test that for next update. For now we can say buttons don’t work there.

I can use different css for ie 8 ? so i can show correct button in ff and correct button in ie 8

Yes, you can. In html put proper conditional stylesheet for IE8 or any other, remove css3 classes and restyle a bit and you are done. For IE8 use this (or some more specific) <!-[if lte IE 8 ]> style here <![endif]-> inside HTML document.

Can you embed an image (icon) in the buttons?

Yes of course, you can add images inside < a > tags. Only thing you have to do is to style properly < img > tag inside CSS to adjust image inside.

Hey. How can i use this buttons to input?? I replaced all a. to input. in css but it doesnt work, and button isn’t show properly.

Only downside is you can’t use them as input buttons.

I have bought these buttons and they look great. But on my site where it is some z-index from another css file. It messes up the whole button due to inheritance i have asked to css coders to take a look at it and they said the whole button have to be redone so a little hint to everyone :(

Thank you for purchase. Can you show me your site so I can take a look into problem?

thanks i sent you a private message on the mail!

ohh my god! CroDigital solved my problem with his buttons. Talk about extraordinary support?!

This is a top product and a top author. Buy this script today these buttons are designolicus!! :D

Can’t wait to see what more producst CroDigital will release in the future!

Its rarely i get impressed by anything but these buttons are more fluffy then a cloud :sunglasses: love em!

Give this guy the nobel prize in CSS ??

Thank you for kind words ! Glad we could help you.

Hi CroDigital, your buttons are very nice but i would like to know if you have the psd for this buttons, because for ie8 user i would like to give them the same look and it would be the easiest way with the css.

Thank’s in advance


Hello, Claude

First, thank you for purchase. Secondly, we are sorry, but those buttons were made directly with CSS . We were exploring some CSS3 magic back then and realize we can put them on CodeCanyon.

However, we are open to discuss about pricing for making PSD if You decide to go that way.

For Wordpress?


Well this is just plain html/css, but you can add it to WP with appropriate classes in CSS and it will work.

Very Nice Work :)