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Hey Albanx,

I’m having issues getting anchor tags to work in the carousel. I set it up so every item is a clickable link to another website. But I noticed the first carousel item seems to work well but periodically when I move through the carousel none of my anchor tags work … So I’ll refresh a few times then the anchor tags work … then I refresh a few times again and the anchor tags don’t work anymore. Please help

Here is a link to my dev site:

Under windows with safar 5.1.7 it is not happening this bug.

I should find a mac

Albanx please let me know if you are able to fix this bug or not. I need a definitive yes or no so I can make the appropriate changes to our website. Time of of the essence in the matter.

Sorry for delay. I have not fix it yet just because I am not finding a solution for that. It seems to be a bug of the browser with css3 3d mode. I am thinking for a complete refactor with canvas.

I will let you know asap

Great utility, but I have a few questions/comments after using this for a while.

In Safari (iOS 7) and IE 10 only 2d mode seems to work. Not sure why this is.

If you setup 4 slides, in Firefox (v. 26) the main image for slide 2 and slide 4 get switched. Again, not sure why this is.

In Safari (iOS 7), if you add a link within a title (class=’ax-title’) then the link is not clickable. I think this is a browser/OS issue. The <div> that defines the frame essentially covers the inner elements to make them un-clickable. I tried using z-index to push the links to the top, but had no success.

<div> <<-- this div covers inner elements
  <img src="/images/carousel1.png" />
  <span data-start="{opacity:0,left:10,top:50}" data-stop="{opacity:1,left:10,top:10}" data-easing="easeInOutBack" data-delay="0" class="carousel-title">
      <span style="color:#005195;font-size:40px;">
      Text Here</span>
  <a data-start="{opacity:0,left:710,top:200}" data-stop="{opacity:1,left:810}" data-easing="easeInOutBack" data-delay="0" class="ax-title" href="">
    <img class="notmainimage" src="/images/image1.png" width="70" height="91" alt="Some text here" border="0" /></a>


Hi Sorry for late reply. Safari and IE10 actually still does not support full 3d css3 mode so that is why only 2d mode works. For the second problem can you send me a link for testing?


I believe you said “Compatible with all browsers” so purchase without test. this script is good, but, if this still not support IE10, 11 you should not add “Compatible with all browsers” in features.

Safari and IE10 actually still does not support full 3d css3 mode so that is why only 2d mode works. But IE should support the 2d mode, that is why I have said compatible with all browser (with fallback in some cases)

Try adding this in the mode:
mode : !Function('/*@cc_on return document.documentMode===10@*/')()

I can’t get my images to enlarge. I copied from your examples and pasted to my page to test. But images are very small. please let me know how to fix this.

We’re having an issue getting videos into the carousel, do you have any examples you can point us to?


I have not tested videos on the carousel but they should work as normal html code. Can you send me a link so I can make a test on the issue?


Was able to figure it out. Not sure why we couldn’t get it to work the first time, but it’s working now, Thanks!


I’m looking for a 3D carousel slider like yours here but it needs the following functionality: 1. Auto Rotation 2. Pause on hover – when image is hovered over it must show text over the image, with a link to external url, this text and link must be on a solid colour background with transparency of 80%. So the colour background and text will take up the entire block that the image was in.

Can your slider do this, and if not how much will you charge to customize this functionality for me?

Or do you know of another plugin that will achieve this functionality?



I will reply later for this questions. I have to review the slider for the moment.

Alban Greetings


I need the script fill 100% of the screen, to use it in mobiles.

How can I do it?



Yes. Just set a div with 100% of width and height and the caroulse will adapt inside it.


I am using the vertical carousal and I am running into a height issue. I am trying to use a image height of 360px but when I do it cuts the the other images in the carousal. Is the a max height for items or is there a attribute I can change to make this work?


I am editing Simulated 3D carousel and would like to use my own link to navigate to each planet. For example if I have a link Click to Move to Earth, what code I need to add in order for it to work?

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