Discussion on 3D Spherical Image Gallery | JavaScript & PHP Plugin

Discussion on 3D Spherical Image Gallery | JavaScript & PHP Plugin

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Would you ever sell this for swift / obj c ?

Hi, no such plans at the moment.

Consider it! great work

Hello, The rendering process seems very slow.

Can you make it enlarging a photo when it is double-clicked?


the rendering performance depends on your device (CPU, memory etc), because it’s mostly done on the client side

Images are opened in a pop up if click on them.

Does the purchase include guide on integrating it into Laravel php framework?

Our globe is pulling in random selected images and not the full queue of image assets. I’ve tried renaming files and resizing, but still no change. Please email me


please submit a new support ticket at and provide a link to your website, so we can have a look and check.



Is there a way to change the size of each pictures on the sphere ?


It’s not tested, but you can try to play with the following input parameters:

imageScale: 0.42, imageWidth: 1.0, imageHeight: 1.0, imageSpacing: 1.042

Hope it helps.


I have downloaded the “updated version” from 2018-05-08, but I can’t see any differences to the last version from 2017-07-17.


there were no code changes since 2017-07-17.

our globe doesn’t work, no idea why, tried everything please email us

Responsive globe

It’s responsive already. Or what exactly do you mean by responsive globe?

Partially responsively I would call this. Yes, the rotating globe always fills the window of the browser, when you start the gallery.

But when you resize the windows to smaller width and height, the globe won’t change his size and only a part of it will be visible.

I think that always the complete globe should be visible. Even when the gallery has to reload the thumbs. Perhaps as an additional option,

You are right, window.resize event is not handled at the moment. But honestly I can hardly imagine a user who opens a gallery and then plays with the browser window width or height to see how the gallery behaves, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Normally the browser window is kept the same size.

Given that the globe is a complex dynamic object it’s quite difficult to change its size after initialization, so page reload will be required to adjust to a new browser window size.



everything is working fine, except the vertical centering of the sphere on iPad and Android tablets (not on desktop monitors). The sphere is not shown in the center of the screen, but the calculated position is moved to the lower border.

This also happens with your ‘Live Preview’ demo, when you remove the envato frame at the top and reload the page.

Any ideas, how to center the sphere?


it’s centered vertically in the demo page:

Can you send a link to your website if it’s not?


You will find 3 screenshots from an Android tablet at*.jpg

pic1.jpg: from your Live Preview demo

pic2.jpg/pic3.jpg: from my gallery

Address of my gallery:

Thanks, I see.

It appears the issue is in how different browsers on different devices treat the “vh” CSS proprty, it does seem to be treated differently, which causes different results in height calculation of the container and the sphere.

I will keep looking further, but I’m not sure there is a solution for this at the moment.


why are the thumbs created as PNG images? I have changed this to create and use JPG images, which reduces the loading time quite a lot, if there are many images.

Is it possible to add an option to choose between PNG and JPG? As far as I can see, there would be only 4 changes in the PHP file?

Thanks, I can prepare a quick fix for you for this particular case unless you already figured it out yourself. There is basically one more if / else needed.

Let me know if you need help on this.

I know how to manage this. This remark was only an idea of an enhancement for you and other users.

Ok, thank you.


yesterday I bought your 3D Spherical Image Gallery (Javascript version). I installed it on my localhost (PHP 7, GD library enabled, GD version 2.1.1) and added some JPG images in assets/images. No other changes.

But it doesn’t work and it only shows the spinning rainbow.

What is wrong? What can I do?

ciao pirx

Can you please try PHP 5.6 on localhost to see if it helps?

Problem solved: the sub folder ‘thumbs’ couldn’t be created inside the image folder. That’s why the indicator hangs at 0%.

Thaks for your patience.

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

I have php 5.6.3 with gd library enabled I used the example index.html and a modified one with the parameters both only show the spinning rainbow and no pictures in the assets/images folder. The pictures are jpg at 800×600 I am running it on iis 7 where I have several websites, I bought both versions wordpress and the javascript/php plugin… It is the javascript one that I want to work. The wordpress version had no documentation and when I added it to a wp site it did not show any shortcode.

my phpinfo..

Replied by email, please check.

The solution was add extension=php_fileinfo.dll to the php.ini Thanks for the solution


I recently purchased the 3D Spherical Image Gallery for both wordpress and PHP. I opted to have the installation completed and have been liasing with Envato about the installation.

they have put up the globe onto our domain:,

However the images shown on the globe are not our images and I urgently need to put our images onto this globe.

Please can you urgently advise how I get the correct images to show on this globe.

I need to get this working today for an exhibition I am attending in Orlando.

I do have all the images on drop-box and I am able to email you the link for these images to upload them.

Please can you urgently come back to me.

Many Thanks Sherrie

I have emailed the link to our dropbox to and also to – the dropbox link will be from Please can you let me know if you have received this link and advise if you are kindly able to up-load the images onto the globe for us. Your help and assistance is very much appreciated. Many Thanks Sherrie

Good work, mate. best of luck for the sales.

Clean and Professional. GLWS DCSF

Cool Item! Good Luck!

WebGL is getting more and more popular. Nice project, looks cool. GLWS!!!

Interesting Work! Congratulations :)


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