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Demo doesn’t load on mobile device in chrome

Hi! We haven’t met this issue on our devices. With which version of Chrome and with what device did you try the game?

Major issues. Closes browser automatically! Latest version. Samsung S6. All other games play fine. You have a nasty issue with code somewhere. Locks up browser tabs, then closes everything.

Hi! We tested the game in Samsung S6 and we haven’t met this issue. Which browser and version of it did you use?

worldpress this game trying to ta

Hi! If you want to publish the game on a wordpress website, you just have to embed it into an iframe.

Hi, I would like to make some changes into this game before publishing. Would I get the custom js files without minification in the package?

Hi! Yes, in the folder you’ll find also the not minified files

Thanks you :)

Hi, thank you for the great product and design but the bugs need to be fixed at least for me. I contacted you in many ways to report all the bugs I found. thanks in advance

yes confirming and sorry if I step on your nerves, I am just eager to use this great game

Hi, just wanted to say that the support is outstanding and trying to fix all reported bugs and they are very responsive and helpful. this is one of the nice designed products out there

Thank you very much for your comment! We always try to do the best for our customers’ satisfaction! :)

if you set win_occurrence: -1, you always win betting to color!!! can you fix it?

Hi! Do you mean, if you set the win occurrence as -1 and you bet, let’s say, on the color black, the red color doesn’t come out? Because we checked the game and we haven’t met this issue.

That happened to me, but maybe it was in the last version, before the udate. Now it works fine. Thank You. By the way, great game.

Thank you! If you liked the game, leave us an item rating :)

hi, I wanted to thank you again for the great support and the fixes and also adding the Re-bet option. I am sure your customers and also future customers will appreciate this great working product.

Thank you very much! Keep following us! :) :) :)

hello i have a ptc sites where members can earn real money can i integrate this game in it and members use thier real balance in it?

Hi! Yes, if you buy the extended license and you customize the game you can integrate the it in your website

Offering real money gambling on your site is illegal if you do not have a gambling license. You could end up in prison doing serious time.

we don’t sell real money gambling games indeed. Our games are just for fun, if our customers use them to monetize, they should take care about legal issues.

i just bought new website with wordpress supporting.DO you have step by step guidness to install it on worldpress websites?

Thanks i have purchased your plugin and activate the game .But i can only see in test mode.How can i activate the game and publish?thanks

here you can find all the information to install the game and the plugin http://showcase.codethislab.com/wp-plugins/ctl-arcade/wp-content/plugins/ctl-arcade/docs/

Hi if i dont want $ sign in balance amount what i need to do???

don now last thing please help me to find the event how much money i m betting on any button , i need to store the history of bet amount

waiting 4 your reply

hi! for technical questions and customizations please send an email at support@codethislab.com

How to install? It is like, purchasing your Game and Copy it in my folder.. Will it work automatically? or Do it need some expertise in installing this, if so let me know how to install this

To install the game in your website you have to copy and paste the files contained in the “live demo” folder on your server without changing or deleting any files.

background image is not coming

Hi! Thank you for pointed it out, we are already working to fix the issue. A new version of the game will be available soon.

the new version is already available, please re-download the game

Hi, on my phone the game is not wide screen is this possible?

Hi! As written in the item details, the game automatically scales proportionally to fit current screen device

I would like to use this to create a little casino game with a crypto currency, would many changes be needed to adopt this with an user balance?

Hi, to use the game in a casino you have to link it to a website with database, log in system and payment gateway. If you already have such a platform send us you API documentation at support@codethislab.com and we’ll get back to you with a quotation

Hey, i would like to buy this package to use it in my online casino. Is it easy to implementate that the game use points given on my website?

hi! Please write us at support@codethislab.com

All the Casino Games integrated to a Multiplayer Community. Would be great

Thank you for the advice…never say never ;)

Hi.. Admin panel is available with this?

hi, the game as it is doesn’t come with an admin panel, but we can provide you a solution built in WordPress, write at support@codethislab.com for more info

The roulette starts to spin slower (like it has framerate lag) when I place the mouse over the bet areas, in Firefox browser. Any plans on fixing that soon?

Hi, thank you for pointing out the issue. Your report has been forwarded to the tech dept

Hi, we checked the game and we found out that it is a well-known issue between Firefox and mouse over. We’ll try find a way to work it out.

Hi, this is a high quality game and I want to encapsulate this in my App which works on both iOS and Android, it is workable? Can I get all the source code after purchased? thanks.

Hi, you’ll get the full source code of the game. Some of our customers embed our games in their apps but we can’t offer support for eventual issues met during the porting operation.