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The plugin dosn’t work with internet explorer. Can you fix it?

Use modernizer plugin for IE support.

Hellò, I have many problem with this plugin: modernize plugin does not fix the problem in wordpress 4.1. however, the most problematic is that: if I go to the site from a secondary page that is not the home page for example this: and then I go on the home page menu does not open. I must push F5…. but is a importatnt bug to fix. Please can you help me? Thanks.

Hey… the holiday is finish… can you respond, please?

Hello, Does this plugin support more than one menu on a website?

Sorry, Only one menu in one website.

Why am I only getting one panel instead of three like the demo shows? This is not what I paid for, a single menu panel when the demo shows a trifold menu.

May be some jQuery conflict on it. Can you send me your site link on ? So I can check everything.

Hi Perfect Point,

Thx for the great plugin I purchased it today! However the menu does not display correctly in Internet Explorer 11. I already have the modernizr plugin installed. Please help.

Does your plugin support multiple menus? In other words, can I create separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, or if I have two restaurants, can I make separate menus for each of them?

Sorry, it doesnt.