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Is the viewer based on the three.js librarie?

No it is not.

Hi Pushkar

as a couple of other people i wpuld like to combine 3D Printing Pipeline with stl volume calculator – 3d print pipeline & stl bounding box.

let me know the price


Send me a PM please. Pushkar

Already send email to you , waiting reply. thanks.

Hi Pushkar,

PLEASE please if you have made before the combined bundle app package for PHOTOGD, JORGELLQ, or PLUGO32 than please answer my query and give me a price on this.

Many thanks

Hi Pushkar,I would like to combine the pipeline with the volume calculator and the stl 3d viewer to fulfill the upload-pricing-order workflow, I’d be glad to hear your price.

Hi there, I know a few people have asked already but what is the price of stl volume calculator – 3d print pipeline – stl bounding box combined? also how easy is it to change the look of this plugin. Is it just CSS? Thank you

Hi. I’m interested in use this plugin with WooCommerce, allowing customer to upload their own .stl files. Is it possible?

Same here, interested in the 3D Printing Pipeline with estimated price (stl volume calculator), do you plan to add later to this or include as an easy plug in module?

Can this work also for any other file types? like PSD, PDF, WORD, etc… ?

Hi! I already have the STL3D Viewer. I was wondering if there’s an easy way to change the color of the stl from green to any other on the runtime (through javascript code, without reloading the whole stl). Thanks!

Hi, I’m really interested in this plugin, can it be integrated with STL Stats and WooCommerce? Is there documentation for this integration?

Is there any running demo that uses the script? Regards

Hello, thanks for this awesome plugin. I would like to launch a default stl before user uploads one, but I struggle so much, how would it be possible ?

viewer.setParameter(‘SceneUrl’, ‘coco.stl’) gives an error ….


Click browse and select the STL file. It should load in the 3D view,

Yes it does. The idea is to have a default stl displayed before the user selects one. Is it impossible with this code ?

Yes, please check your email :) Cheers!

Could you please refund money this does not work on chrome and expoler and also dont upload or send email.

We are releasing an update. Please send me a PM.

Could you please send it by email to manueldrama@gmail.com

new update still not working on ie expoler and chrome

seems obj is not working?

seems obj is not working?

not working also in chrome

its working now with chrome just the issue left is the obj support

Hello I cannot rotate, pan, or zoom in chrome. Is there a fix?

Hello, Are you using a touch screen display?

No I am not, I have tried on windows 7 and 10. In Firefox and Microsoft Edge the model loads and can be interacted with. In chrome and the Qt Browser the model loads, but you cannot interact.

Thanks for your detailed feedback. I will look into this and revert back


LogOn07 Purchased

Hello, this works for .stl and .obj? Or just .stl? Can I integrate this in WordPress? I have an upload form for .obj and .stl files and I need to see a preview of the file. Thank you!

Works with OBJ and STL both. You can integrate it with any CMS like WordPress, Magento, etc.

Hello You could install such a design on my site And visitors can work on its characteristics is that possible I want a design like this autobuild.pro

Hello! I bought this project about 3 month ago. When WordPress is updating, this project doesn’t work anymore or causes another element from page stop working. Do you have an updated version? Thank you!

This product is not supported on WordPress. But we can do a custom project for you. Send me an email to discuss.