3D Print Cost Calculator for Windows

3D Print Cost Calculator for Windows


to our new 3D Print Cost Calculator! With our tool you can calculate your next print jobs effortlessly! Check out all features below.


  • Running without installation (portable version)
  • Working on Windows 7 and higher
  • Clean and easy UI
  • stl file reader for faster calculations
  • Multiple printers
  • Material & print job management
  • Online and offline documentation available
  • No database needed
  • Import / Export of your data
  • Localised (German and English so far, more to come)
  • Open for suggestions and improvements


The application is kept simple. Generally there are three working areas in the software.
  • calculation interface
  • manage interface
  • print jobs interface

The calculation interface

The calculation interface is the main view of the software tool. Here you can perform calculations, save and load calculations from a file and so on.


This area is also splitted in three main parts
  1. Your printers
  2. Information about your print job
  3. The calculation result

1. The printers

\\Here you find an overview of all known printers. For a calculation you need to select at least one printer. Otherwise you will get an error message.

If your printer is missing, you can easily create a new one by clicking the New Printer button below of the list.





2. Information about your print job

\\In the mid area you need to enter the details from your print job. This includes the used material, the print duration, the amount of printed copies and so on. Moreover you can specify your local energy price to make the calculation even more accurate.

You also can add details about your profit, a failure rate (how many prints are failing) and the depreciation rate (if a price for the printer and the depreciation duration were specified).


Additional worksteps

\\Mostly it’s not only the print what is time consuming. Some jobs need a pre- and post-processing. if this is the case, you can easily add those additional worksteps to the calculation. To make it more comfortable for you, you can create workstep templates. So you easily can add them to the calcualtion!

Basically there are two job types
  • The workstep independend from the amount of copies (like the 3D CAD design before the print)
  • Or the workstep must be done for each pieces (cleaning or something like that)

3. The calculation

\\If all information are provided and valid, click the “Calculate” button to run your calculation.

Overview of your calculations

For each printer selected, a calculation tab will be created. Depending on the printer attributes, like power consumption, a individual price is shown.

Generally the price consists of:
  • Selected material / used amount
  • Energy costs
  • Your profit
  • Additional worksteps
  • failure rate
  • depreciation (optional)

Save and load your calculation

You can save the current calculation in a *.3dcalc file. The exported file is a XML file. You also can open it with a normal text editor.



Hint: If you want to resize the calculation area, just grap the gray “Grid Splitter” and drag it to resize it. (see image right =>)


The print job list

\\ This list contains all calculated prints (if the checkbox is checked to add the prints automatically). Here you can set diffrent states to the jobs
  • open (default)
  • printed
  • queued
  • cancelled
Depending on the states, either the price will be added to the “Printed” jar or to the “Not printed jar”. Hint: you can easily remove any entry from the list with the “Del” key.


You also can filter your print jobs.



At the manage intefrace you have an overview of all material types, materials, diameters, printers and additional worksteps.

On changes, the tool automatically saves the lists, so no need to worry.