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Looks interesting but preview not working

Thank you for pointing out the problem, I have updated the preview files, may have to wait some time for approval. Thank you, very much!

any 360 degree spin demo ?

Plug-in has been updated, please re-download and re-install, should be able to solve your problem.
Thank you for your purchase and feedback! :)
If you have additional questions, please contact me via Email: http://codecanyon.net/user/maxtecb/#message

sent you login so you can check it. took Down New copy , but same , cannot save the page when plugin its activated.

Thank you for quick and perfect support, plugin working outstanding…

I installed plugin and activated webgl, it loads my obj model but i dont see model in browser or in the cms. any idea?

Thank you for your purchase.
Please make sure your model (including material) and the page in the same domain, because webgl does not support cross-domain access, and make sure you are using the standard obj, stl, DAE file.
Any more questions, please contact me via Email: http://codecanyon.net/user/maxtecb/#message
If necessary, please send your admin URL and an account of your site, I can check detail.

Dear Team A good day to you ! Just a question before purchase, Can I disable the controls ? and how can i upload .jpg textures Many thanks Tekelo

The plugin can be disabled in WordPress dashboard (Plugins menu). In setting panel of this plugin, you can upload you JPG textures to Media Library, and us it directly.

Hi – a pre purchase comment.

Can you easily integrate this into the product page where the product photos are usually located?


If you add a 3d model to the WooCommerce product page, this model will replace the default product image.

I had tried upload OBJ to woo commerce page product image and it will not allow me to set as featured product image.

I am using https://themeforest.net/item/shopkeeper-ecommerce-wp-theme-for-woocommerce/9553045 as my theme. Any support would be appreciated. Thanks

Featured product image must be a static image, so you can leave it alone, or choose a featured product image in the usual way. Add or edit a product, edit the product description, use the default editor, press the “3D” button, open the 3D production panel, please note to set “WooCommerce” option as “true”, edit the 3D object, press the “ok” button, you can see a shortcode, this shortcode will generate a 3D object, and replace the featured product image. However, in your theme, featured product image has not been replaced, but appeared in the 3d object below, then you can use css code to shield out, add the following css code to your product page:

<style type="text/css">
.product-images-wrapper .images {
     Display: none;

Hi, I have a pre-sale question: Can this plugin use links from other hosts as a model source? Thanks.

No, it cannot cross-domain access, you have to upload your model and material to the WP host.

Oh… That’s disappointing… I was intended to use it from a outer source, or use the source from the gravityforms upoladed file, seems impossible.

Buenas tardes, admite animaciones en 3d, gracias.

It supports rotation and moving animation, it does not support the deformation animation, thanks.

works this plugin also in wordpress Version 4.8.2 ?

Yes, it’s works in wordPress Version 4.8.2

work it with 4.9.4?

Thanks, for the Information.

Hi i have a problem with a self created obj File, my test file Works great (community download), can I send you the file? is there anything on which I have to pay attention? Greetings Mike

You need to upload all files (including object file and texture files) to your WordPress site, so that they can be in the same domain, because it cannot cross-domain access for security reasons. You can contact me via email : https://audiojungle.net/user/maxtecb#message