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3D Metri | 3D Printing Instant Quote Engine

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Now is the time to start accepting 3D printing orders!

On-Demand Manufacturing platform for 3D Printing service providers.


Are you tired of manually calculating the cost of your 3D printing services and offering limited options to your customers? We have the solution for you! Our 3D printing service code provides an easy and efficient way for customers to upload their 3D STL files and get a quote for the services they want.

With our code, you can offer your customers a range of printing technologies, materials, colors, layer heights, and finishing options. Your customers will love the convenience of being able to choose what they want, and you’ll love the time you’ll save not having to calculate prices manually.

Our code is user-friendly and customizable, so you can tailor it to fit the unique needs of your business. Plus, with regular updates and technical support, you’ll always have the latest features and solutions at your fingertips.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your 3D printing services and take your business to the next level. Invest in our 3D printing service code today and start offering your customers the best experience possible.

Start to Get Payments for Your Service with Stripe.

The code also have Stripe integration. So that you can send your customers a payment link that the code generates automatically for you. All payment transections will be handled securly via Stripe on thir web site. 

How it works?

From your customers point of view:

  • They will Select local STL file.
  • Display 3D File. No upload required !
  • Specify 3D printing preferences including printing technology, material, color, layerheight, finishing all from drop down selections that you customize according with your services.
  • Customer selections update price instantly
  • They will update the quantities in their shopping cart.
  • Specify their contact info
  • Lastly They will upload the files to you.

From your point of view:

  • Your Backend works on Amazon AWS.
  • Frontend Vue.js
  • You will receive orders via email over Amazon Simple Email Service
  • One click install and config with AWS CloudFormation. (Included!)
  • Define your 3D printing capabilities with Text file (Json)
  • Fine tune price calculations with coefficients you set.

FrontEnd Solution

- Developed with Vuejs2.
- Javascript code works on the client computer no server side calculations and delays.
- Instant Price Calculations.

BackEnd Solution

- Industry standard Amazon Web Services.
- Minimal Server costs with pay-as-you-go service of AWS.
- High availability features no down time.
- STL files will be stored at AWS S3.
- Upload and email functions are AWS Lambda.

Example of an Order Email

Please find an example email that you will receive every time a customer upload files to get service. You will find the stl file in your s3 bucket. After your examination and 3d printing compliance check you can send the below payment link to your customer. Stripe site will handle the secure payment transactions and Tax issues. Stripe also get your customers shipping address. After you receive your money you can Print the object and send to your customers address.

    customerName:   Jhon Doe
    customerPhone:  2343423445
    cartTotal:      281.70

    File Name Handle.stl
    Price 281.70
    Quantity 1
    Printer HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210 Printer
    Material HP 3D High Reusability PA 12
    Color Dyed Black
    Infill Ultra Light
    LayerHeight    Normal
    Finishing Polishing
    unit mm

Test online before you buy

3DMetri Demo

Regularly Updated Solution.

- Stripe payment integration
- Fix: Amazon AWS bucket policy change (cloudformation.yaml file updated)

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