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Very cool. Great work!

Cool. I like it :)

Instalation Guide?

Detailed Installation Guide is included inside the package. Feel Free to contact me if you need more help

New skin’s coming soon….

Hi can you give my item rating

iam instal your app. but where is guide?? iam not see. sory iam newbie.. iam exstrack at publick html but not see guide..

There should be a folder named documentation inside you will find index.html

Please check if not contact me on these address

skype : me_ahmedhassan gmail :

Hi can you give my item rating

love the work you have done with this login. Exactly what I was looking for. One suggestion would be make the instructions more newbie friendly. I am an idiot when it comes to HTml, CSS and all that other stuff lol. I had to pay someone to do the work me. Anyways just a suggestion.

thanks lol i can place it for u my email is

Hi can you give my item rating

check out what i have created with this plugin :)

Nice and cool!GLWS :)


Nice script, thanks. Quick question: when the scrip fires up it automatically flips once on page load. Is there some way to stop it doing this?


you can implement a simple jquery check to stop it.

or you can just delete the button and it will top moving if you need more help contact me on skype : me_ahmedhassan

Hi can you give my item rating

I need a plug in that can do a log in page that has a registration form then sends a email to complete registration…then its a personal login and pass that connects with full content. Anyone know of plug in or any theme?


Hi I’d like to have a login page to allow access to my webpage.

Will this work?

I’m not great with PHP/JS



hello, can i replace my home page with your sign up and login page? i just want to change my home page, please let me know if your theme can replace my home page. thanks

Hi, I am using wordpress 4.5.3 version. Can I install this ?

hi dear,do you know that since i bought your app i never used it,please can you help me,im trying and trying again nothing.

hello dear since years ago i bought this script i never get any support,so please juste tell me how can i link the form to the website??