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Hi – I’m pretty new to Muse. Can you please tell me how to import the infographics into muse?

I welcome =) If I correctly understood you, then this video will help: https://youtu.be/fps_oeMmywA?t=16s

If this video didn’t help, I will try to help you.

Hey, where new stuff? ;))

the new project on registration =)

Don’t lose dynamics!)

Can this be somehow used in a Vanilla Wordpress Site ? or could some Plugin be made and use this in WP?

Yes — it is possible to insert ready animation in WordPress, here as it to make examples: 1) http://old.edgedocks.com/content/video-edge-animate-and-cms-wordpress-0 2) http://old.edgedocks.com/content/edge-suite-integrate-edge-animate-wordpress

Plugin :https://wordpress.org/plugins/edge-suite/ (I recommend strongly to read the description to a plug-in)

It is also necessary to understand that it is necessary to edit animation (to change parameters) adobe edge animate

adobe edge animate – isn’t a plug-in, and the program for creation of animations

?oncerning work of a plug-in on Vanilla Wordpress Site, I will answer later But I think that we will combine a plug-in.

Hi, I have a web development agency and would like to develop animated svg video for the home page. Here is an example that we really liked – https://huemor.rocks/ and http://www.8sph.com/#process. Let us know if you can build something custom like this.


Hi, yes to me it in power. Write me please project details here: http://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~01af3a67483bbdb115/

I dont see option for “contact me” or something similar.

Hello, you will be more convenient to write me an email. serjgavriluk@gmail.com