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Nice script. I am trying to do something a little different with it. I am almost there but not quite.

I am tying the title and body of each area to content in a database. All good except when click to open, all of them open and can’t close again. Is there anything you can tell me to make it do what I’m looking for? My test is here:

Thank you.

Hi there, Thank you for being interested in my item.

Well, the problem with your coding is that you’ve added all the lists into only two ”<li>”. Each label or title should have its own ”<li> ” .

This is what I saw from your webpage.


That is because I am trying to do a repeat region pulling from a database.

  • <?php do { ?><input type="radio"  id="ac-1" name="ac-3D" />
        <label for="ac-1" onclick="" title=><?php echo $row_test['authorname']; ?></label>

    <?php echo $row_test['testimonial']; ?>  -- <?php echo $row_test['authorname']; ?>

    </article> <?php } while ($row_test = mysql_fetch_assoc($test)); ?>
  • It is showng all the data, but I am losing the click option. Or am I not understanding your response. Thanks by the way for responding.

    I did one hack attempt that works around it but not optimum…

    I left the top and bottom cells alone, which restores the closed option.

    However, when I then tried to use this as a php, I lost control of it, so still working on a solution.

    My php include is here:

    the include is the page it is included is

    but I haven’t nailed it yet.

    I found a solution but thanks for your nice script. My solution is posted here: I adapted a script from to make it play nice … Feel free to delete my posts if you think not helpful to your sales. My need was specific to database repeat. But maybe my post will help someone else. Up to you.

    Thanks again.

    Hi , sorry for my late reply. I was kinda busy with my other project. Glad that you found your solution. And thank you again for purchasing my item.

    after installing it i get an accordian but has radio buttons at the top and none of the items actually open.

    not good.

    Hi there, thanks for being interested in my item. Can u post your example of page or source code that you are using ? do you use any additional CSS style that might conflict with 3d accordion ?

    Nice script. I plan to use this on some of my web design projects in the future.


    I got it working on chrome, but i have a big mess when i view it in IE. I don’t expect it to look perfect in IE, but i would expect it to at least be viewable. suggestions?

    I use it on my side, but the style.css leads to a problem (conflict) with the other CSS used by my online shop software. Unfortunately, I have failed so far to solve the problem even though I have already spent hours trying :( – Would you please help me that would be really fantastic!

    Hey roodper,

    thanks for sharing this nice item. Is there any way to get a specific article pre-opened?

    Thanks, regards

    Hi , Thanks for being interested in my work. Yes, you can add checked=”checked ” inside the input attribute.

    check out example below:

    <input type=”radio” id=”ac-1” name=”ac-3D” checked=”checked”>

    Wow cool, easy and brilliant – quite perfect item to me, dude!

    hello, does it work with wordpress and can i use it for my FAQ page?

    Hey, I’m having a problem with the accordion. Overall, very nice. The problem I’m running into is that I’m using it for a FAQ section. Some of the questions seem to be a little long at times, and it’s running over. Before you click on it, it’s fine. Everything in the box is aligned. But when you click on your selection & it “flips up” the last line hangs down into the box. How can I fix this?


    Hi, Thanks for being interested in my work. It’s probably some of your css codes are overlapping with 3D accordion codes. Is it possible for me to see your codes, or the website where you implemented the codes ? Meanwhile, send the link to my email , not here. Once again thanks for purchasing my work.

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Sorry mine is so delayed. It didn’t send me an email notification for the comment. Sending details to through your contact box on your profile page now.

    Thanks again!

    Hi. I like to but this but can i use it for wordpress sites?

    Hey, could you possibly resend the email you sent me regarding the information. We’re just now tidying up the site for launch, and yahoo decided to delete every single email I had :(

    Bought your Accordion from CodeCanyon. I tried to use multi-line titles but this doesn’t seem to work too well. Also, inserted YouTube video isn’t working. It’s a really cool gadget, though.